Eufy Smart Plug + Mini Video Review!

I hope you enjoy watching my video review of Eufy’s newish smart plug and smart plug mini! I haven’t had any issues yet in terms of controlling them via the app (for timers) or voice assistants! (mainly Alexa).

Video review link (YouTube)

Let me know what you think by dropping a comment either here or on the YouTube video page itself!


Nice video review

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good job once again @joshuad11 I like your new intro!!

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Pretty informative in a short time span - I like it! Do you know why certain devices weren’t compatible though? Does it have anything to do with power draw?

Also, your video description doesn’t have a link for the regular smart plug, or at least it didn’t when I typed this out.

Other than that, well done! I’ve been considering getting one of these for a while, and I might go for it now. Would you recommend one over the other?

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Thanks so much for pointing that out! Should be fixed now.

As far as which I’d recommend, it just depends where you plan on putting it and what the outlet situation is there. They are both functionally identical.

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I wonder if Eufy are going to make these for other markets. Seems to be all about the US so far.

Very good review fella (I subbed too :grin:)


Good review, as @Oggyboy said would be nice to see these available for other markets - UK for myself.

It doesn’t really have to do with the smart plug. For example, when I have my lamp half way up on the brightness scale, unplug it, and plug it back in, it just defaults to off, but with the Eufy lamp, it goes right back to where it was.

If you are OK not having access to both outlets, I’d strongly recommend the regular smart plug right now because it is on SALE!

Amazon link:

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So much info in such a short time, great job @joshuad11

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Good job Josh!
I really like that APP instructions content!
It seems easy to operate.:heart_eyes:

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Nice review :smile:

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First rate as always @joshuad11 :thumbsup:

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nice review! good job @joshuad11:v::blush:

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The lightbulb from Eufy is available in the UK but hoping for those smart plugs come to this side of the pond too! They are so useful.

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love this nive lthing snf pmote

It sounds to me like it actually works fine with the smart plug, but the Anker has a different design where it resets the brightness level when it’s unplugged. If it exhibits this same behavior when plugged into a normal outlet, then you should update your review to remove the part about compatibility, which really isn’t true. After all, this is just an outlet and should work with any device that plugs into an outlet.

The problem being the majority of consumers probably haven’t unplugged and replugged with the intention of it coming back on and noticing that it doesn’t, hence the inclusion in my review. Also it’s not an isolated case. Many other lamps from various different brands also aren’t smart plug compatible. Hopefully I helped at least a few people!

Yeah but what you’re saying is misleading. There is no compatibility issue with the smart plug. The issue is with how the device deals with being unplugged and replugged. Your statement might lead people to choose another smart plug thinking “I’ll pick a smart plug that doesn’t have known compatibility issue”, but the exact same thing will happen because the issue isn’t with the smart plug.

I’ve been wanting to get a few of these to automate my room, glad to see it’s a good product