[eufy smart Drop] Backers starts getting angry 3 months without update and answered questions!

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You may start some service again and answering tons of backers because after three months without any update they all start getting pissed off! The last time you seriously answered questions from the backers is also 3 months ago. Plenty of questions are open and waiting to be answered. Give the folk (customers) what they ask for and need :wink:

The delievery/shipping of the eufy smart Drop should start in JUNE 2021!
That’s in two days by the way! More than time for an update to feed the folks!



@yamyam rather than waiting for an answer here I would raise directly via message on Kickstarter or with support@eufylife.com

Not to mention lots of things have been delayed due to the COVID situation in many countries…so this is likely the case here, though I agree updates should be provided as to the current status of things.



I am not a fan of using a public forum to attempt to bully outcomes, best done privately.

Public forums are perfect to share tips’n’tricks. But it’s indirect, and largely a waste of time, to use send a message when an actual message is direct. Venting isn’t directly asking.

I’ve said this to @yamyam before but been told what change which would have happened anyway was magically done by public posts.

The only these posts do is make me mistrust promises, but I don’t believe promises anyway, a stance @yamyam would be wiser to learn.

Good luck on getting a reply or answer from @AnkerOfficial

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Exactly, thats what the backers ask for, no more, no less. We all know that Covid-19 freaked up a lot of things. But they could at least inform us whats up to date, which we are waiting for months now.

Whatever your problem is, i’m telling you again that this increases the “public pressure” to the company and competent employees much more than private messages which have been send for sure countless last weeks and months. One more from me wouldn’t change ANYTHING.

So keep and stay with your strategy and let others do their thing. As simple as that. Do not try to impose your approach on others. Thanks.

Thanks @ikari04warrior
They probably won’t answer or react here, but it’s enough already if anker reads it and take note of it :wink:

Like a user just mentioned correctly:

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By the way … @Haloweenhamster informed me about this “older” thread with the same intention:

Your greatest control is on your own gullibility.

Don’t buy from Kickstarter. If you do then accept that risk.

If they can make the product, they’d simply make it. If they have doubts, they back the risk off to those willing, they try to get money and cross fingers they can make it.

Plenty of Anker products got canned, it’s a brand where every non-gullible person would wait for it to ship, reviewed, they buy (with free return just in case, with a credit card can refute if no repayment).

Public forums cause the opposite effect, as any risk contained in a statement, e.g. “available in one month” turned into two months then it causes a negative reaction, so your public question force silence, and wait til everything is lined up. So you are causing the opposite of what you want.


Best advice is to withdraw your backing, wait for it to be released, wait for reviews, if good then buy. For all you know there could be an inherent weakness in the design an early review finds and then you wished you’d bought another.

The best thing is to buy only things you really need.
There are not so many! :rofl:

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Need is subjective, gullibility is objective. We can’t say someone else doesn’t need this item, but we can say they should wait and buy once others have tested it. Design flaws can be found earlier or manufacturing flaws once they crank up output.

A neighbour who is working on a delivery day has given me their key to sit and wait for delivery. That’s my local way of freely helping to avoid need.

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Great strategy…read everything about a desired product, everyone’s priorities R different, then buy… even then choices can B wrong, but venting on a public forum confuses everyone. Even the pleased customer


Speaking of which, Testing Club! Where the non-gullible hang out! I’ve only been selected twice.

I applied for the Q35 testing but not selected and so wait for a quantity of quality reviews as rightly cautious with money. If I wanted to take a riskier path, then I necessarily have to accept lower quality of information.

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Not all information is quality…lol! (just cause yours is) lol again!



Hence why I wrote

Because early reviews are dominated by superficial and those trying to make you buy it from their Amazon affiliate link, so have to wait for more diverse, longer term, and neutral reviews. Not saying all early reviews are bias, just proportionally bias.

$20-$30 items I’m more prepared to take risks, but as Anker drifts into higher cost and more complex (so more ways to fail) items I’m more inclined to wait.


I got some items for testing in the past.
I tried my best, but it was not promotionally effective enough I suppose

So let those be testers who are really able to do a good job…
And we know there are a few here at the forum!

The rest of the testers are only such ones
who are able to create unpacking videos or write something about
“the knobs” they find. :grin:

I call these true “influnzers” (sic)
(That’s only understandable for Germans :rofl:)


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Much of the information is quite useless.
But who is really able to test an item perfectly.
50% of the “testers” are happy to get something free.
You see all those showing up if there is a free giveaway. :smile:

Some did’nt have any equipment neither to use, nor to test the gifted test object, but as it was free they “needed it”

I’d be guarded with using absolutes. I am only saying the early reviews have to be less deep as less time (quality) , there are less reviews (quantity) and proportionally higher those with an incentive to be positive.

Doesn’t mean at least 50%, I’ve never counted and ranked - have you?

An early review can be good quality , independent, critical, but I say the good ones proportionally increase over time.

My need for reviews are proportional with cost.

I thought the way they did the Q30 reviews was good as they timed the $30 early adopters discount to be just longer than a diverse set of reviews. The Q35 testers were diverse but before the discount so not meeting the threshold of worthwhile risk.

I do not post much on here, but am fairly active. Using Ankers community forum to “pressure” Eufy to give answers to a campaign just seems to be a waste of time. Then you inadvertently take shots at users who try and give constructive criticism and advice (which I am sure you will toss at me next) seems to take away from your overall objective. Have you by chance checked FCC registration for this item by chance? Because your answers can be solved here in a way. If the item is not listed it is not near release. If it is listed it would be closer to production.

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my questions? I do not really care so much, as i know it will come, sooner or later, and the campaign isnt scam. But countless others have questions, see https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/smart-drop/take-control-over-your-deliveries-with-eufy-smart-drop/comments

Just keeping the backers updates would be nice. Me personally do not care if SMART DROP comes a month earlier or later. But infos about it would be appropriate after so long time without any.

I think the question for the kickstarter is put in the wrong community. It would be like putting this in the Soundcore community. You will not get much response potentially (although there are several here that are very knowledgeable members on here) as you would in the Security community.

As stated by the the comments here, yourefer back to the Eufy Security collective. The Eufy Security collective is a more appropriate place to put this. Anker community deals more with Eufy housewares. So unless those robovacs users care about the smart drop, it will help as much in making your point.

So there is really no pressure for the Eufy Security to provide any feedback.

For me I see this year as the year of the have nots. People do not work, products do not get made, then a shortage is had (workers, computer chips and etc) and then a spike in the price.

Although I do not want a smart drop box but do know that I will have to wait for shortages in about everything as time goes by. As long as countries still pay out extra benefits for Covid then jobs will lack as companies scramble to get people hired.

Hope you get your response but I would really try it in the Security community