Eufy smart bulb U.K. deal

Just seen on the Amazon app that with the promo code ALEXAEUFY you can get an Eufy warm white smart bulb for just £6.99.

Not sure if this will work for everyone as it said it’s for selected customers only.

Good luck if you give it a bash :slight_smile:


Does it work in your?

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@jodiefunnee yes, it worked fine for me. Based on the promo code I think it would possibly only work for people that have an Amazon Alexa device.

I got all excited there… Tried it but doesn’t work for me. I don’t have any Alexa device though.

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@Arwen darn! It’s definitely looks like it’s just for Alexa owners then

Great price if you have Alexa though, good find!
Smart, tunable lights are climbing up my wish list these days, so I will eventually get some.

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