Eufy should fix the single home/multiple homebase fiasco & lack of TRUE Google Home/Alexa integration

First of all I like to say that I think Eufy makes high quality outstanding hardware products and I would like to see you sell millions of your products. However Eufy software product development seems to be a ship without a captain. So here are the 3 major problems with Eufy security products, and all of them are software related and can be fixed.
#1 - not all products are homebase compatible (like wired doorbell/indoor cameras). IMO, no product should leave your development stage unless it is homebase compatible. Homebase is the glue that keeps the ecosystem together and gets customers to purchase more of your products
#2 - even though Eufy allows me to use on the same home network multiple homebases (after all Eufy sells the battery doorbell with a homebase, outdoor cameras with a homebase, and alarm kit with a homebase, so if a person bought all 3 they end up with 3 homebases), instead of being allowed to use them as a master/slave single unit, the Eufy Keypad can only arm just ONE homebase (which makes the keypad or the alarm kit pretty much useless for people with multiple homebases). Plus even if you use the Eufy app, you will have to go to each homebase to arm them individually.
And #3 TRUE FAST interactive integration with Google Home/Alexa. The current integration is stream only with a 20sec massive delay which makes even the video stream completely useless.
Here are my suggestions:
#1 - Devote your development team to make sure ALL your products are homebase compatible
#2 - Move the arm icons of Away/Home/Custom to the top of the main screen (similar to the ring app) with a settings button to designate the master homebase that controls the arm settings of the other homebases in a multiple homebase home
#3 Be upfront to what is and what isn’t possible with regards to SPEED & INTERACTIVITY with Google Home/Alexa. Clearly Google Nest products and Amazon Ring products will always have an unfair advantage to integrate to their own ecosystem. Your development team needs to determine what those limitations are. Cause devoting time to 20sec delay video streaming is a wasted effort. Your software team time is best devoted to what can be accomplished with FAST NEAR REAL TIME SPEED, like controlling settings via voice (like arming/disarming the whole system or announcing or querying an event of a specific Eufy camera/doorbell/etc) or FAST REAL TIME AUDIO ONLY interaction with the Eufy products and Google Home/Alexa.

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Thanks, will do. I truly want the company to succeed as their hardware is simply outstanding. It only needs some software updates to reach its full potential. I hope some of the Eufy higher ups are listening.

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