Eufy Security Video Doorbel 2k opening box & installation review

Hey Guys. I finally was able to go through and make the opening box review. Will be installing this on the house this weekend and will post another review on how well this works. That is if I don’t electrocute myself while trying :smile:

I was able to install it today. Was a lot easier than I thought. I just had to follow the instruction manual. It works perfect. I will post night vision recording tonight. At the end of video shows the 20sec recording from the video doorbell. It is just full HD, not 2k. However it still looks good enough for me.

Night Vision


I would recommend to create only ONE review.
Unboxing is not so exciting I suppose.


Yea. I agree. Thanks for the suggestion. I updated the post including the installation video.

thanks for sharing! I recommend looking into a tripod, will help bring your videos to the next level