Eufy Security USELESS if their servers go down!

I was having intermittent problems earlier today with notifications being delayed and repeating. Then I was unable to connect the Eufy App to the Homebase. I called Eufy support and they informed me that their servers were down currently and that they were working on a resolution.

Now wait a minute !?!? I bought Eufy security (and I’m HEAVILY invested now) specifically because I wanted a non-tethered system that didn’t go out to the cloud. Turns out Eufy security is USELESS if the homebase cannot access their servers via the internet. This sounds like a lawsuit in the making. What about when the internet goes down? Am I just to accept I have no security at home?!?!


I am also having server issues today.
Internet is up both bases updated and now server issues after update.


Been wondering why I haven’t received any notifications or events today for my Doorbell when I knew packages were being delivered, now I know. This is total BS! I purposely went with Eufy because I didn’t want to be tied to the Cloud!


Yup same here. I’m so aggravated right now. My house got broken into 3 weeks ago, I buy these and they don’t work. Worthless. They need to update so you don’t need internet to record.


Oh so this explains why I’m getting 502 errors and it can’t check for firmware, yet watching live feeds works.

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I don’t understand why Eufy and/or Anker have not communicated this issue. I had to go to the chat to verify it.

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I’m new to Eufy… Is there a status page somewhere that notifies customers if the service is down? Doesn’t look like they do anything with their Twitter account. I’m not able to even set up the new doorbell, because the app cannot connect to the servers.

lol no

They’re appallingly bad at communicating unless they want to promote something new they’re selling

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Woah thats a big gotcha… seems this is always a cloud tethered system - regardless if recordings are ‘local’

I understand we need cloud for the notifications, and phone app interactions BUT, to be truly untethered:

  • the HomeBase needs to offer a local LAN web interface that we can still interrogate recordings in these sort of situations … if power/internet/eufy servers are out.

I tried sending feedback via the app and states sending failed. Good grief.
Can also view live feed but nothing else. No notifications about events.
What IS the point of boasting NON CLOUD BASED if they aren’t working once set up and working?

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Thanks for the info here…you would think they would make people aware so we can all stop rebooting bases.

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Luckily this happened within a week of purchase. Just completed the return process. $600 worth of stuff.


I an also getting an error message " unable to connect to servers" and now it has logged me out and I can’t log back in due to the error message. We are currently 3000 klms away from home on holidays and I’m unable to check activity at my house. I changed to eufy from Arlo pro as these cameras seemed to work better with better battery life but not when I can’t access them.

Looks like they fixed their servers, things are working for me again.

Still, extremely disappointing.

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I’m having the same issue thought it was the update I received today. Live feed is fine can’t see the events tab (says phone not connected to internet) . When is eufy going to realize that unlike a vacuum that may leave a little dirt on the floor if someone is injured or burglarized and thought they were protected with this system it spells lawsuit.for us kickstarter backers are will still under our 1 year warranty?

Yes they fixed the issue but when I go and look at my events I have the SAME event 10 times

I’m curious as to how you people expect this to work without a server being involved?

How do you expect your phone to connect directly to your doorbell or homebase over the internet?

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It seems after today’s hiccup, I now get notifications, but I no longer have any events to view at all. Even though I tap on the notification, and I see the clip that way. When I swipe over to the events window, there are none available.

I too am now getting notifications but no events recorded, I have restarted the home base several times and still no recordings. I thought all these issues would be finished when I changed from Arlo Pro to Eufycams but it seems I was wrong.

I too am very disappointed to learn that my Eufy camera security system is compromised by being tethered to the company server. I was attracted to the system because of the camera performance, pricing value. I was not aware that my home security would be vulnerable to a company server failure. As the OP says, this failure renders the security system USELESS! There must be some way to update the software with a server-less option. I feel let down by this unexpected turn of events. I don’t know that I’ll ever look at this system with the same sense of security again. But the server access/requirement must be mentioned somewhere. How could I have overlooked this aspect of security in buying this system? I’ll have to re-read the literature that came with the unit to see where I am to blame for making a buy decision that no longer meets my expectations. I had recommended this system to people, but it appears I’ve been wrong in my enthusiasm. It’s a good thing I had a monitored security service already in place. But that’s the only saving grace in owning this “stand-alone” camera security.