Eufy Security software enhancement requests

I have a few requests for your Eufy Security cameras.

1 - Allow individual camera Scheduling. There needs to be more control over individual cameras turning them all on/off at the same time is not very useful. Assuming I want to always monitor 1-2 exterior cameras but only want to schedule the interior cameras during certain parts of the day.

2 - Since all data is stored locally on a micro sim with limited storage. There needs to be an option for deleting “ALL” of the recordings by camera, not forcing you to clear storage by day, that’s just silly. Formatting the card would work but that also is just a silly solution.

Please address these problems and make your product more robust and user friendly. I like the cameras but not being able to individually control them is a bit of a let down.


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It is not exactly what you are asking for, but you can accomplish individual camera management via a combination of modes. Specifically, I use home mode, away mode, and the “custom” mode (for home with monitoring on), with different settings for each camera in each mode. You can then schedule the modes (or manually control them, which is what I do).

I agree with you that the recording management could use more flexibility.

Scheduling a Mode only allows you to control Home/Away?? I’m not sure I follow what you’re doing, maybe you only have 2 camera’s, it might work then. I have 4 cameras, and since there are only 2 modes that wouldn’t allow control of 2 of my cameras in either the Home/Away.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

Eufy needs to step up and work on enhancements for their software.