Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch, Remotely Control with Wi-Fi Bridge, Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock, Bluetooth Electronic Deadbolt, Touchscreen Keypad, BHMA Certified, IP65 Weatherproofing Installation+Review

So I purchased the Eufy Smartlock Touch with WiFi during the presale offered and the installation went pretty smoothly with a couple of individual problems that I’ll go over.

1.) I didn’t measure the spacer. Turns out I didn’t need it in there as it made the keypad side tweak just a bit. When measuring it looked like it needed it. If yours doesn’t fit exact or to your liking simply remove the spacer.

2.) Had to bore out the deadbolt hole a little wider. Not sure if the door I have isn’t standard deadbolt size but it needed to be I think 7/8".

Once all of that was finished the installation went quick I’d say ten minutes or less.

To all the negative reviews I’ve seen being published about the fingerprint being the selling point and it failing miserably…

No idea why everyone is publishing that. I have only been using the product for a week but have YET to have a fingerprint error or problem when using the correct print. I have tried to access it with my other hand and other fingers and errors will occur so it’s not a false positive every time I’ve accessed. But really unsure on why so many publications are scoring it low for this reason.

Setting up the WiFi bridge/extender was easy as well. Note: you will get a connection error when you test it if your phone has a VPN turned on… oops.

Unboxing: 10/10. Each box is organized and numbered so you know exactly what step comes next. I always forget to go through the installation video in the app first. I used the manual because I’m old school and it worked out just fine.

Installation: 10/10 easy installation for most people (my situation called for a couple of weird unique obstacles). If you lock in your two long bolts to secure both sides to each other and it doesn’t fit right, try removing the spacer. Super easy test and you’ll be happy both sides are perfectly flush.

Programming and usage: 10/10. Extremely simple setup that walks you through each step. No bugs or errors thus far in week 1. Code works 10/10 attempts. Fingerprint 10/10 attempts. Phone access: 10/10 attempts. One small thing, you need to be pretty close to your door if you don’t have the WiFi bridge or WiFi version for you to be able to open the lock with your phone.

Look/Aesthetics: 10/10. This thing is clean. It makes my ghetto garage door look like it’s housing something top secret. I’m really happy it’s rated IP65 because rain sometimes gets under the overhang on that side of our house.

Overall: 10/10. Easy to setup, looks great, works great. Will update in a month/few months/year.

If you have any questions feel free to reply! Would love to answer any that I can and make your installation as easy as it was for me!

Aplogies for the pictures. The forum won’t let me post the picture of the mounting plate or deadbolt side install…




Glad yours is wirm8great and are having a good experience with it!
Maybe other users didn’t install it right or they got a faulty unit, either way, I’m glad you posted this in case other people are interested but haven’t because of the negative reviews :+1:

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Went back and read the reviews again.

Seems like they were using non-WiFi versions.

Still a lot mad about the fingerprint.

Great review, and cool photos. Glad to see some feedback on this.

Thanks for your review…I have both the non wifi ad the wifi version and both work great for me without issues. Seems the complain is those who have the non wifi version complain about lack of wifi and they will nitpick anything they don’t like. Those who do have the wifi complain about the signal being weak. Another issue stems from users not installing it properly as the lock barel gets jammed because it cannot fully extend when the door is closed.

Eitherway they are all issues that shouldn’t prevent others from buying and using it. It’s a great product that offers ease of use and access.

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@Tank do you think it’s worth the full retail price? I got mine at the presale for $159-ish dollars I believe.

I see it online for $220-$250 (from Wal-Mart and Best Buy) and I’m not sure I could justify it being that expensive.

Do you have a link to this at Eufy’s website, or anywhere else for that matter? I see the smart lock touch and the smart lock front door, but neither include wifi in the listings on their site.

I don’t see any pictures of the wifi bridge - I assume that was included with this kit. Any pictures? Curious about size, etc.

I can take some pictures of the bridge after I get off work @jercox !

You are correct I don’t see it on their website either. Any input @AnkerOfficial ?

As I said mine was part of the preorder and oddly has the same model number as the non-WiFi which is odd.

I would wait for a reply because you may be able to order fro Eufy/Anker but here’s one link for the WiFi version!

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Great review :ok_hand::clap:

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I found that bestbuy link, was wondering if it was the same thing. So yes I guess.

I think the hardware might be the same, just that they include the bridge with it. I was curious about that part, because they don’t really highlight the bridge details in any documentation I have seen.

While I do think it’s worth the price, I would much rather it be in the 150 range as other high end locks have come down in price to around 150.

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Here is the wifi with the Bridge…

You guys are seemingly mixing up the different wifi models, the one listed at Best Buy is the full on intetnal wifi with no wifi bridge…this is the version I have. The one I posted above is the one with the wifi Bridge that @Mtsurumo has

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Whether or not the one at best buy used a bridge or not is very unclear to me. One of the answers posted there indicates it does, but may be wrong. It is the $250 lock that was just released, which the reviewer here was saying he pre-ordered at a discount and just got. Thus the question.

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The person who answered the question on best buys site is wrong, he also said they do not know what kind of key it uses which is also false as Eufy does know and it’s a lunar security key lock that cannot be changed.

Check the model number on Best Buy which is T8520 J11 which is the one with wifi built in

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You are likely correct, but I have no idea how you are getting from that part number to “the one with wifi built in”. Searching for that part number takes me back to the best buy site, or to Lowes. Nothing official from the manufacturer.

OP probably has this:
Which is probably a different thing.

But given the lack of part numbers, the confusing naming, the lack of detail about how wifi connectivity works on the bestbuy listing (nothing that says built in) and the absence of any wifi connected door locks on Eufy’s site, it is very hard to be confident. Not a good sales strategy in my opinion.

My mistake @jercox that best buy link has the WiFi built in which I didn’t even know existed :grinning:

Here’s a picture of my WiFi extender. It’s in my garage and behind the washer

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I understand where you are coming from and we all know Anker in general does not update their website to show all products they have. But mind you I am a moderator for the Eufy security forum, I have direct contact with the developers…even if they don’t always answer my questions. So I have no reason to give you false information about which product is which.

As far as how internal wifi works, it’s basically the same thing as installing the app and following the install instructions. It’s really no different than the one with the wifi Bridge, they made the Bridge so that it can be added on to the non wifi smart lock with a regular firmware update.

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I completely agree. I think the $150 range is much more appropriate considering the market is offering similar products in that price range.

All good, I appreciate the info. I can’t keep track of who has what information from inside sources, I really like to see links. That is a great picture of the built-in wifi, I wish the product listing also used the phrase “built-in wifi”, instead of just lock&wifi - which could mean built in or bridged to my ears.

I don’t know about the pricing across the lock market, but August also sells smart locks with built in wifi - and $250 is in the normal price range for that, or even on the low side.

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