Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch, Fingerprint Scanner [LOWEST EVER DEAL] for $184.99

eufy Security Smart Lock Touch, Fingerprint Scanner [LOWEST EVER DEAL] for $184.99

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Gotta love the lowest price deals :smiley: Thanks for sharing.

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This is in my list for sure !

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So remember there’s a with Wifi version coming.

The Wifi model is not known it’s capabilities but the logical thing is you can reprogram the PIN and remotely lock / unlock.

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Nice deal!! :clap:

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And that makes a proper solution.
While away you can let the cleaner in with a temporary password and change it once they leave - while watching on the new Eufy Cam of course!

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A camera on the lock would be a good combo, not sure the alignment would work as doorbell camera at face height and lock at hip height.

But yes the future version with WiFi is possible I’d buy. Or test :innocent:

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temporary password, this is slightly dangerous, would be better to allow entry only from app, based on who is at the door… also a camera like professor mentioned would be a handy one…

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Remote lock/unlock too isn’t a bad shout although if it lost connection (as wifi connected devices often do) you could be a bit stuck.
How about the best of both worlds?
Have a setting that allows “service” passcodes so your own passcode is always active.
Then maybe some kind of notification system.
Email or app notification to say who has gained entry depending on the code - cleaner, parents, friends etc

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I can do this with my current Schlague smart lock. Generate a temporary passcode for limited time period, or just unlock remotely to let a person in if I like to do instead going through the hassle.

Like @professor said, only thing lacking is the camera then, which would make sense.
My door bell (traditional, still ! ) is almost at the same height may be 6 to 10 inch higher than the lock, and it will have trouble catching face if the person is too close to the lock, I believe if the subject is about arms length, it should capture the face, give the wide viewing angles of the newer cameras.

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Perfect @Ice1 like the idea of it being time-bound.
That would be beneficial for Airbnb or holiday home letting.

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Temporary code allows your own type of “locker”.

Idea: have a one-time random code , and your “fixed” code and give one-time to the Amazon delivery instructions, the act of using the one-time code nullifies the code. You can have say 5 one-time codes to allow for multiple deliveries.

A camera showing who used it too helps keep the delivery honest.

So Eufy can turn every home into a locker.

Eufy send me one to test and I’ll let you keep my idea in return.:innocent:

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Let’s both have one to test so we can try it both ways :sunglasses:
Ill water you plants while you’re away and you can return the favour :grin:

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Oops ! this will defeat the idea of Eufy’s new Kickstarter Smart Mail Box :grinning:

I quite like this current smart lock, but I do want the wifi version so I can access it remotely like I do my cameras


Looks very premium

I like and agree with both of you…

@Tank did you win or beta test those?

Buy buy buy, its been available since the beginning of July

Looking nice :+1: I do agree, wifi would be a lot better !

But you cannot use a physical key?