Eufy Security showed up at Apple WWDC keynote

In relation to security cams and Homekit. Their logo was on the screen.

If you are talking about Eufy Security logo, I cannot see it. :thumbsdown:
Make a screenshot and post it here.

We’ll have to wait until the replay of the keynote is up. :slight_smile:

(Their logo showed alongside Netatmo and Logitech.)

Lately its getting very difficult to keep up with all new product upgrades and new products.
Do we really need so many upgrades?

Here’s hoping the existing eufy cam portfolio will work with this new homekit video and it’s not just talking about future products.

Eufy, if you’re listening, homekit compatibility would instantly put you above ring cameras for a lot of people.

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Here’s a shot where Eufy showed up.


@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical if you are listening to your audience and customers. Please make it available for existing eufycam users with a firmware upgrade

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Has there been any news on this? I believe the iOS side of things will ship with iOS 13, likely on September 10th or not long after.

Since I can’t find anything saying it’ll be an upgrade for existing hardware I haven’t bought them yet.