Eufy Security requires login

Hi all,

Recently I have been having this annoying issue on my Android phone with the EufySecurity App.

I use the app to control my Eufy 2K doorbell and also to answer the person on the other side of the door.
All out of nowhere the app requires me to login EACH time I start the app. This wasn’t the case before, so I searched if it could be due to some update on the side of Eufy, but I could not find any evidence that this might be the case.

Does anyone know if this is a setting in the Eufy app? Or could this be because of an Android update on my phone? Perhaps others experience the same issue?



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You could ask here :

Log into the app and go over the settings, maybe there is a setting that will keep you logged in

@beranmuden Have you enabled 2FA by any chance but not tied it to your fingerprint / Face ID etc? That would likely prompt you for your password on each launch.

Second this motion

I think the app updated and I believe that’s when it started requiring login every time

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I didn’t see one


This solution has been the answer for me:

With regard to your concern, could you please go to App–>Side menu–>Portait–>Fingerprint and then check if you have enabled this feature? If yes, please disable it to see if this problem can be solved

I do have FP login enabled for my phone, but for the Eufy app specifically it seemed to have been enabled after an update of the app itself. It never showed this behaviour before at least. All is good now!

Thank you very much for all the replies and great support! Also my apologies for posting it twice.
Take care y’all and thanks again!


This FORCED LOGIN is soooooo much annoying! The latest update brought this and it sucks! It should be optional, for them who wants to login every single time they start the app, but not a MUST!

I start the app about 10-20 times a day and it is more than annoying and time wasting to login every single time, even if its by fingerprint! And in case of emergency or if i have to look at one of my dozen cams as fast as possible, its a pain in tha ass and takes ages to finally get the live stream!

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport
Please emmeditaly disable the forced login by app start or at least make it optional! Thanks!

And once again it is confirmed: NEVER TOUCH A RUNNING SYSTEM!!! :grin:
(I bet this fail is caused by an error in programming or some guy was drinking too much a night before he launched the update?! No one can take is serious to login every time you start the app! OK, for some maybe its helpful because they do not want everone to be able to see the cam footage if they get access to the phone, but then … jesus, a 5yo boy would imagine to make it at least OPTIONAL and be able to SWITCH OFF!)

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PROST! :innocent:

Maybe they will fix it with a future update


It would be nice since when getting a notification it’s a bit of a delay

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Seems the login every time has disappeared

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a very annoying feature!

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Yes, finally! I can confirm: The annoying forced login, every time you start the app, is gone again! Thx god or whoever deleted it :clap:

Again: For those who want to make their eufy security app more secure and protected against any other person to be able to check the cams and footage, a time consuming fingerprint check every time you start the app is ok. But i guess most if us do not need it. So if you implement this feature again in the future … MAKE IT OPTIONAL(!) and disabled by default.

Thx @AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical

I can see how this is very annoying

Since today I have the same login issue after reinstalling the app. Does not remember password, also asks for a verification code each time. This is so annoying and not workable. Anker please provide a solution!

Email support

You ask your question here :

The 2fa is disabled.
Enabled and disabled FP, but nothing help. Still asking for password every time I open the app. It really annoying