Eufy Security Floodlight Camera - A Bright Idea for Your Home

Hey eufy fans,

We are very excited to introduce the eufy Security Floodlight Camera, the latest addition to our eufy Security ecosystem.

Are you still using that same floodlight that’s been sat above your garage for the last 20 years? In an age of advanced surveillance and comprehensive home security, traditional floodlights simply don’t offer the functionality and security that eufy are able to provide. So why not upgrade your floodlight system and improve the safety of your home?

Ordinary floodlights simply illuminate your property when motion is detected. The eufy Security Floodlight Camera implements a camera and other advanced features. This means you can keep an eye on your home and warn off potential intruders from anywhere.

Our Floodlight Camera can be streamed live to your cell phone and footage is recorded in 1080p HD so you have a clear view at all times. And if you see something is afoot, simply activate the 100dB alarm and watch as any potential intruders scurry and flee. You can even set the EufySecurity app to push notifications when it detects an incident that needs your attention. Finally, and as with all eufy Security products, you needn’t worry about any monthly fees after the initial purchase.

Our product manager Howard has graciously agreed to answer any technical questions you guys might have, so fire away!

It’s time to say goodbye to that rusty old floodlight and say hello to the eufy Security Floodlight Camera. Check it out now on

Kind regards,

eufy Security team


You might have set yourself up for a stick in the foot for agreeing to answer any questions…


Yeah, feel free to ask any question here!:innocent:


I don’t have any, but…

There are quite a few people on this community that hate eufy right now. They might come on this thread and rant a little :man_shrugging:


We will invite PM to try to answer questions here.:blush:


Please expand on local storage option, if used a microSD card what is maximum allowed? is NAS storage allowed?
How about desktop access and streaming? can I download the events recorded to my desktop?
Finally, what is the wireless range? Hope it uses regular home router’s wifi so the range should be good enough and of course depends on my home router?


Can you expand upon the specs for the floodlight camera and in particular the installation requirements - e.g. rechargeable battery? Hardwired connection needed? voltage for connection 110-240? Suggested installation location - e.g height and then what distances are typically covered by the floodlight/ camera. Appreciate the tips to ensure optimal installation success


I’m assuming this doesn’t require the HomeBase and that it’s similar to the doorbell product in that regard. Can someone confirm?


Very good idea! Would happy to test it :wink:


Love this and can’t wait to see it in action! I also would like to know about the storage options that @Ice1 talks about.

• Do the lights act as smart lighting or are they just triggered my motion/dusk to dawn?
• Can the camera connect to 5GHz networks or just 2.4GHz networks?

I have a lot of Ring products, some that are similar to this, so I’m curious to know how they compare. :slight_smile:


good questions…


I can’t wait to try this Floodlight out. I think it will pair up nicely with my Eufy Doorbell. My only question is… are there any coupon codes available? :eyes: :rofl:


If they are giving them away for testing I think they should give me one to do a teardown, compare to the eufycam, test features they advertise & ones they don’t
From the forum I think me & @yamyam should be your testers


Would be ideal for a replacement for our Ring Spotlight cam so we can get Google Assistant integration. Will this be getting a UK release too?

Eufy and other Anker brands seems to be getting worse over the last couple of years for just releasing stuff in the US and ignoring other markets. Surely compliance to standards and regulatory approvals for Anker’s internatonal markets etc. should have been an integral part of the project right from the start.


Thank you for your interest to the floodlight camera!
To answer your questions:

  1. We use eMMC for the storage. The floodlight camera has 4GB local storage built-in for motion-triggered recordings. In the scenario of 30 video clips per day, 1min length per recording, the 4GB eMMC can store about 14 days recordings.

  2. NAS is not supported on the floodlight camera.

  3. We’re developing desktop software for all eufy security products. Please stay tuned for the update.

  4. The floodlight camera is a standalone device which user can connect it to their home Wi-Fi. So the wireless range really depend on the router’s performance, the distance and obstacles in between.

If you have further questions, feel free to post here. :grinning:


Sure, we will post more info and instructions here on the floodlight cameras.

  1. The floodlight camera requires existing outdoor junction box and 110-240VAC wiring.
    It’s an upgrade to user’s existing floodlights and reuses the fixture.
  2. The mounting height is usually 8ft - 10ft (2.5m - 3m) . The detection range is about 20ft - 26ft (6m - 8m).
  3. The floodlight camera is a standalone product that connects to your home Wi-Fi. So the wireless range depends on your router’s performance, distance and obstacles in between.

Correct. The floodlight camera is a standalone device that connects to your home Wi-Fi. But it does use the same eufy Security App.


Besides the on/off control, user can set different brightness for schedule, motion triggering and manual on.
Think about the scenario what you set a low brightness on a late night schedule for illumination and the light turns on max brightness when it detects an event.

The camera connects to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

We care user’s privacy as much as they do.
All data is encrypted and then stored on local storage or transmitted to the App.
We don’t save user’s data on the cloud or limit functions like not allowing to watch history recordings without subscription. User doesn’t pay any monthly fee and controls their data.


Yes, we do offer 30% off discount to appreciate the support of eufyCam kickstarter backers. If you’re one of them, you should have received the email.:smiley:


We plan to launch the floodlight camera in UK and EU later this year.
The setup scenarios are quite different between US and UK/EU, such as the outdoor junction box and electricity code. It’s not a quick change-pack-and sell, but stay tuned!

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