Eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit Deal for $179.99

Use the Amazon $20 off coupon AND the discount code EUFYCM2C for $50 off


Not a bad price. Not a bad price at all.

Even the $250 seems pretty fair. I didn’t realize the 2c was so inexpensive.

I think I’ll still stick with my “unnamed Brand” (anker doesn’t like it when we mention them lol). I still think it’s better value for the money.

But with this pricing, the addition of HomeKit (I guess a lot of people request this- not good for me) and the fixing of a lot of bugs and stuff, this is definitely a step in the right direction for the eufy cams.

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Not a bad deal

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Nice deal!

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Will 2C cameras work with Home Base E? I have tried to find just the 2C cameras with the light to add to my system but can’t find them separately. At this price, I’d buy and just not use the home base.

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@AnkerTechnical can you please help address this question here :slight_smile:

@Bob55 Yes you can use the 2c camera with other home bases.

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@Bob55 You better use homebase of this 2C and add eufyCam E’s to this one, as this has HomeKit support (well, coming soon) and AI features !!

Amazing deal, wonder where you get these codes though :thinking:

@Ice1 The discount code is in the Amazon add in the original post - EUFYCM2C

I just used it and it worked fine.

The ai feature of the 2C camera kit is built into the 2c cameras themselves and NOT the homebase

@Bob55 have you bought the EufyCam from this deal?

Subtotal :$399.98

Shipping :FREE ($9.85)

Taxes :$16.32

20% Off Unlocked :$-80.00

At this date 12/6/2019 you missed this deal.

I lucked out 11/22/2019 after buying a eufyC 2-cam Kit for $199.00 on Amazon which I promptly canceled.

I paid $168.16 directly from eufy. Essentially 199 - 20% x 2

Total :$336.30

@Shenoy I did. I just ordered it today.

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Glad, congrats on your purchase :+1:t2::ok_hand:t2: