Eufy Security Entry Sensor Issues

I’ve Seen a lot of posts about the cameras and general operation but not much specifically about the entry sensors so I was wondering if anyone has a similar problem (or a solution!). Currently we have two entry sensors set up and they seem to work fine for about 5 to 7 days and then they both stop functioning. They are still in the app as devices and the app seems to think they are working, but the status remains static and the event log isn’t updating.

I have to remove them from the system and re-add them and then they work fine again (for 5 to 7 days). Given that this cannot be done remotely it is obviously a big issue if we’re on holiday etc. This is specifically just the entry sensors, the cameras reamain operational through this.

This is been happening since I installed the system right after Christmas, so about 3 or 4 times now.

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Did you manage to fix this? Have the same problem since 2 days. Thanks

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I have similar issue since 28th April. That’s when I received the last notification from my Entry Sensor. To confirm the issue, I opened a brand new Entry Sensor, added to existing HomeBase, I can see the device added successfully, but never gives me notification in case the doors are open.
Its a shame that the issue is not addressed yet!