[Eufy Security Cam / App] Credentials disclosed?

Hi there,
first of all I want to wish you a happy new year!

Today I wanted to login to eufy app and got the following message:
Log Out Notice
Your account has been login in another smartphone. If you did not do this, your password may be disclosed, recommend you to change your password soon.

Since my iPhone is the only phone to connect to EufyCam this could not be the reason.

So I see 2 options:

  1. Password really disclosed? (-> @AnkerSupport please check this)
  2. No login because of missing internet connection → a more accurate notice would be nice :wink:



Got the same alert on mine. Anker Support, what say you?

I got the same thing! It was a password that I haven’t used on any site before (completely random from a password manager). At first I worried, but after changing my password I found I couldn’t log into the anker forum anymore. So now I’m thinking Anker have merged forum and eufy accounts into one, is that right Anker?

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I got the same message. Hope it is not due to accounts have been compromised at server level at eufy.
@AnkerSupport: please clarify

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same message here

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Any update on this? It’s a worrisome message.

@AnkerSupport Was the system compromised?

Have any of you who have received this message actually opened a support ticket with Eufy support? If so, any response from them?

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I got 2 replies which didn’t convinced me much:

We are so sorry for any inconvenience caused. I totally understand your concern. To protect account security, customers will receive notifications if their accounts were login other device. But we noticed that sometimes customers still receive noticitation even their accounts were never login other devices. In this case, the notification is not accurate. Our engineers are looking into this issue and ensure you that this issue will be resolved soon.

Asked to escalate the issue and got this:

I double checked the issue with our engineers. If the app hasn’t been login more than 30 days, customers will receive this notification. But I’m so sorry that the words in the notification are not accurate. We just want to remind customer to change password to protect account security as their accounts haven’t been login for a long time. We will improve the language as soon as possible.

Which also doesn’t make a lot of sense since I’ve been using the app everyday.

Will update when I have more replies from anker

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Got the following to replies:

When asked if the app would logout an user every 30 days:

No, the app will not log the user account out every 30 days. Usually if the app hasn't been login for more than 30 days, this noticifation will pop out. It seems that there is something wrong in the app so that you received the notification even you are using the app everyday. I forwarded this information to our engineers and ensure you that we take it seriously and this issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

Then I asked for a plain statement if there was a password leak

No, rest assured that your password was not disclosed. The message we sent is not correct and it will be improved in the next version. If you still worry about this issue, it is recommended to change your password.

It’s still not clear to me what really happened, but I’m stopping this thread with them.


@reistiago thanks for the followup and update on the community so everyone knows what is happening.
So, we are not sure whether the accounts have been compromised or it was a false alarm?