Eufy Security base restarted, now wants me to re format the MicroSD Card.

Today went to check my cameras, When I opened the Eufy Security app on my iOS device was confronted with a message that my “New MicroSD card requires a format before any video recording could be done” Have not touched the base in over a month, no network failure has occurred today, no power spikes (storms etc). Once the application started I am able to see all of my cameras (view video and hear audio) but all of the events from the previous 6 months are gone. Has this occurred to anyone? and what was the resolution. Had a friend who purchased same system (less cameras) had her system go down today as well. Coincidence? hmmm.

Thank you for reaching out.

In this case, please let us know your eufy account and serial number on the Homebase.

Please email us the information to, we will have the engineer take care of this case for you.

Thank you so much for your patience. Looking forward to getting you taken care of as soon as possible!

So I just bought the 3 camera system Eufy Cam E. While mounting the inside cams I had watched a video on which way to mount the triangular shaped hook for the magnet mount and a guy said something about the adequacy card in the back of my home station. I went and checked it and found it. I clicked it and it came out. I pushed it back in and ever since it’s giving me format as card errors now. I’m brand new to this how do I fix this so that I can fully use this new security camera system? HELP SOMEONE LOL!!