Eufy Security- App:You can only be logged in on one device

It is unacceptable for me that I can only be logged in on one device, if I log in on another, I will be logged out on the first one. I know that they wanted to tackle the problem as early as December 2018. But so far nothing has happened. Is there any news yet?


What exactly are you talking about? (The community, the eufy app, etc)

Excuse me! I didn’t pay attention to the forum area. I’ve adjusted my post.

Ahh, the eufy security app. I totally agree. It’s aggravating that every time I switch devices it signs out on the other. The only way you can get around it, is creating a second account and Sharing the feed with it.

@AnkerOfficial or @AnkerSupport do any of you have an idea of when this will be fixed- or if it’s even being worked on?



This issue is well known and reported since months to @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical - but nothing happened yet.


This is often the case with security related things for “security” purposes.

If you’re going round various devices leaving yourself logged in, it’s not very secure, is it?

Also, you need to be logged into just one device, so the hub knows where to send the notification.

All a guess tho? lol

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As per the new timelines, it’s coming in Q4 2019. See below