[eufy security App] Several really annyoing Issues with v.1.5.2

In regular the App is working very stable and surprisingly smooth, even with several hundreds records a day and heavy use of the app in my case. But has anyone else noticed that the latest App version 1.5.2, at least for Android, is having many issues and making trouble?!

The update of the app is quite some time ago, i thought i will investigate and watch this some time before i report it. But now i am really annoyed and sick of those issues and want to report them and ask you all if i am the only one with this problems:

  • Smooth working with the app is impossible since the latest update. I always get the error message “Homebase is fully occupied”!
  • When i start playback of a video and move to the next, normaly the video stops and showing me the thumbnail of the next. Now the previous video doesnt stop and continues playing and i still hear the sound of the previous file, even if the next thumbnail already showing up. If i press play on this next video the app crashes or at least showing fragmented video playback! Like shown here:
  • The app in general never crashes in my heavy daily use. But this version of the app crashes like several times a day - very annoying! Not only because all videos are “marked” as read then if i start the app again and do not know on which timepoint the app crashed. By the way: 10 months ago i added to the +++ GENERAL eufycam TODO-LIST +++ - General & Product Discussion - Anker Community : " MARK UNSEEN/UNOPENED recorded videos in the app (i.e. bold) so its much easier to check which videos already have been seen/checked in the app and which never been opened." Of course eufy doesn’t care and this helpful suggestion is not yet realized, even 10 months later.

Anyone else noticed some or even all of those app issues or even others than mine?

@AnkerSupport @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical
Please fix this a.s.a.p. as this app version is already several weeks old and the problems are really annyoing and never happened before, was very happy with the app-stability in general, i hope the next update will solve all this issues.



I’m still on

Only annoying thing is that it asks me to update every time I open the app

Any new features to make it worth updating?

Hi, this is disappointing and abnormal, would you please email us directly so that our customer service can help solve the issue for you?

There have been a lot of small fixes and new features - so for sure its worth for you updating!
But just the current version sucks (for me) with all those issues. Else i had been quite happ with the app (except all the missing features and things).

By the way @AnkerOfficial :
When will you finally make it possible for a FALLBACK?!
If an app version (or fimrware version) is bugy as currently and having a lot of annoying issues like currently for me, i could and would and should and want to use the previous flawless app version!