Eufy Security app - region not recognised

Hi guys, trying to set up my account on Eufy Security app, but it will not accept my region. Says the region i have selected is not my ‘actual’ region (Australia). any ideas please?

May be they can give you an answer here

otherwise contact the support

@mmm2 Have you tried a clean install of the app? Also are you using a VPN?

cheers thanks for the info.

This happens when the country of your Google account in Android play app is not in the regions approved for the app.

I get similar with some banking apps for example.

The simplest workaround which you do just once in your life is create another Google account in some other country, and add it to the Android phone. To make it not drain resources disable the account for all sync.

Then in Play app switch between.

VPN doesn’t fix as it’s an app store account setting, but when creating a Google account it does default to your network so at creation time it saves a step to alter country if you had VPN up at the time.

Alternatively use APKmirror as that’s nothing to do with Play Store.

If you’re on iPhone then tough.

Did you get it resolved?

Hi all thanks for the assistance. Issue resolved through persistence, i just kept trying until (what ever the issue was) resolved itself. Cheers

Thank Professor … I am on an iPhone. The issue has been resolved through persistence ( i just kept trying … and bingo!). I’m sure your info may help other android users though. Cheers.

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Yes thanks