EUFY Security app for Windows 10?

When will the Windows 10 app be released? Prior posts said by the end of 2019. We are almost there. I have 2 more houses to protect but if the app is not forthcoming I will have to go with another product because I need to manage the video and downloads from a PC. Please update, thanks in advance.


hopefully this kicks in soon. It would be great to hace

I would suggest you send an email to with you request and/or concerns for a faster response…its possible they may still be working on the app and/or decided against release.

No Win 10 APP yet, and no ETA.

No reply yet? No Windows 10 access?

Promised end of 2019, it’s almost 2nd half of 2020.


Agree. Any news? Been waiting for this app for a long time.


I thoroughly agree! The end of 19 came and went. So did the end of 20. What seems to be the problem getting the app for Windows?

Is it the official app?

@rv_vv Would be surprised if it was as the app is a paid for app, other platforms such as iOS and Android are free downloads. Also the T&C’s for the page don’t go to

To my knowledge for Windows devices the web browser option needs to be used for access.

@Tank @AnkerOfficial can you confirm?

As far as I know that isn’t a Eufy app, but I did ask the developers so once I hear back we will know for sure


Looks dodgy listing to me also. It’s not listed on Eufy site, and as Neil says it doesn’t point to Eufy.

We did have two types of dodgy posts here months ago, one to an app dev platform and many l0 users only doing one post asking for Windows app, I was suspicious of both trying to point to a paid for malware.

If not official I see there’s a report button on MS site.

The image looks made by someone who also made from a Eufy competitor , “control (Not Eufy) Security Cameras from PC”. That could be just because the software was developed by the same company.

Looks a doctored version of this


From here

When I follow the link it’s gone…

The harm here is when you login you had credentials to whoever made this software, they can then monetize the access.

If it’s not legitimate then it has to be taken down and all who paid for it told to uninstall and change passwords asap.

When you search for owners experience from this competitor they say it’s an Android emulator install so it’s the mobile app in an emulator window on Windows with that entails.

@Tank as you’re already in contact please point them to my research…

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