Eufy Security App for iPad

In my opinion it is really annoying that the eufy security app on iPad is still in the iPhone resolution. Is there a moment we can expect an update for this problem?

It would be nice also, if you can be logged in on more than one device at the same time…


Multiple logon sessions is one that has been requested before but has not been implemented to keep security tighter…would be good if they introduced an iPadOS version of the app as the resolution and layout of the iPhone version on iPad gets quite annoying…



We really need an iPadOS version.


Today (03/11/2020) I installed the latest version of the Eufy Security App from the App Store onto my WiFi only (not a Cellular model) iPad Pro w/ iPadOS 13.3.1. The App appears to have a problem. The installation and initial setup seemed to be fine, but when I try to log in to the App it prompts me with a “Turn On Location Services…” message and then before I can select “Settings” or “Cancel” it prompts me with “Request Phone Access…”… There are two options in this prompt, “Cancel” and “Go Set”. Selecting “Go Set” opens “eufy Security” in the iPad’s “Settings” menu. There is not any option for “Location Services” in this menu. It seems as though the App is acting as if my iPad was an iPhone or cellular model iPad. It is not a cellular model, it only has WiFi capability. I spoke with Eufy technical support… They were not able to solve the issue. They opened a service ticket/case for me and I am awaiting communication from an Engineer who will hopefully be able to fix this problem. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I was told that Eufy equipment cannot be setup using a computer and the Eufy website and that the Eufy Security App must be used to set up the Homebase, Eufy Cameras, and etc… This is unfortunate, It would be good if the equipment could be setup with a computer and WiFi connection, instead of needing to use a mobile device with the Eufy Security App. Any thoughts and/or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!