Eufy Security app battery drain (Android & iOS)

Ever since I installed the Eufy Security app on my phone it has been the single largest consumer of battery life of any app I have installed. Has anyone looked into this?


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GPS for Eufy App always on?

Yes, the GPS is on.

I think you should change the location services for the eufy app to “When using the app”. If GPS is activated permanently, this naturally affects the battery power of the mobile phone.

Unless you need to use the geofencing functionality, in which case then it must be set to ‘always on’.

GPS isn’t the problem. I turned permissions completely off for location / GPS this morning. Here’s the battery usage:

Check to see if you have the app set to “Allow Background Activity” and check it to off. I am not sure if it will inhibit the geofencing or not, but it may be a good place to start at. You should still receive notifications from the app, it will just run on demand at that point.

I don’t see any setting for “Allow Background Activity”. Is this in the app itself, in settings, or somewhere else? I’m running a Marshmallow (6.0) Android device.

Just to note, this is happening on my wife’s phone too, and she has an iPhone 7 on the latest OS.

I’m seeing the same on iOS latest 13.3. It’s using absurd amount of battery in the background, even if I have turned off Location, Home Data, Mic, Face ID, Photos access and Background refresh.

I have the video doorbell with them for 6 months or so, never notice such issue until very recently. Must be a bug got introduced recently, the last update of the app was about a week ago.

Check out the screen shot, you can see in 24 hrs period, I have more than an hour background battery, much more than 6m on screen? That’s nuts. It’s an issue and possible privacy concern. I mean, what the heck is it doing in the background? Even when I disallow pretty much everything.

I’m gonna open a case with them and see how it goes. And I’d encourage anyone seeing the same should too, so their engineering can do something about it. Cuz, I doubt they would monitor and/or act on a community forum without a case.

Thanks for commenting - I wanted to mention similarly that it must be a recent app change. I only got the doorbell at the beginning of December and the first week didn’t notice this issue. Then a EufySecurity update happened and ever since it’s drained the battery.

It’s gotten to the point that I have to kill EufySecurity early in the day or my battery will be depleted before I get home … which kind of defeats the purpose of having a video doorbell if I can’t receive notifications. I may try installing a previous app version and seeing if it fixes the issue.

Ah right, nice thing about Android, is that you can pick an older version of the app to install. Well, I can’t do that on iOS unfortunately, not that I know of.

I’d still encourage you to open a case with them. The more people to open a case, the more serious they will look into it. Source: I work in support organization.

eufy is not bad at all on support and/or respond. I had a feedback case opened a while back, they responded in few days, took my feedback and eventually implemented it (at least I think I was the one to bring that up).

Not too shabby at all, not the quickest, but they do respond. Given it’s holidays now, it may take a bit longer too.


FYI - the last two nights my wife’s iPhone has gone from 100% to 1% overnight. The only battery consumer? The Eufy Security app. Unfortunately this issue deserves a 1 star Amazon rating. If you have to uninstall the app to use your phone, the doorbell isn’t very useful.

I have an S8 and received the same message. I disabled “Allow background data usage” under Mobile data and “Allow background activity” under Battery settings. That resolved this issue. However, if the app is closed, my notifications come in with a significant delay (longest has been 4 minutes). If the app is open, notifications come in right away.