Eufy Security Android App Crashes

Since yesterday (the app updated a few hours prior) I can not get my app to open. It will do nothing but crash. I am not getting notifications or anything and I KNOW there should be. I do not have cloud service so I can not even watch them on the computer.

I cleared cashed, I deleted the app and reinstalled. Nothing works. It will not work via wi-fi or mobile. I need this to work and I do not use and can not use the computer version as I just have my phone.

Please help so we can get this fixed.

@yamyam had this issue, and was able to resolve it by switching off WiFi and using mobile data. Since that doesn’t seem to have worked for you, I would definitely go to or call them at the appropriate number for your location (

Edit: I don’t know if it is faster, but since it is Eufy, perhaps would be better. (Phone contacts are the same at

Thanks, I did try switching wi-fi off then on, It worked for the first time. Once I left the app and tried to go back in then it would crash again. I will try it again to see If it continues then I will contact them.

Thank you!