Eufy Security 2k IndoorCam Pan & Tilt

Hi. Every few days, our modem & wifi are rebooted. The cam then shows to be offline - “Indoor Cam is Offline”. I can look at the Xfinity modem and it shows that the cam is connected by wifi. The only way I can get the cam to connect to the phone app again is powering it off then on again. This is a remote camera so I can’t always power cycle it. Help! Thanks!

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Eufy has not particularly deeply shared their architecture with us but from what little they have said these are my guesses as the fault:

  • they may be using uPnP to bypass to NAT firewall on router, and this is not happening continually (say every 5 mins) so when you reboot the modem the port-forward is gone. So the error here is Eufy should modify the camera code to re-try uPnP periodically.

If my guess is correct then your workaround would be:

  • go into your router when the camera is working
  • nose around in firewall , port settings, etc
  • find which ports are forwarded from the camera’s IP
  • each router is different, some you go network, then the camera, then look at what is forwarded to it
  • once you found the ports forwarded then make this happen at the router automatically
  • add port forwards, remember all the ports, UDP, TCP and port numbers and make them go as per router configuration to the camera
  • good idea also to give the camera a static IP

If my theory is correct, and if my workaround is correct, you should then survive a router reboot when the device has a boot-time-only uPnP.

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Does anyone here with geeky skills who owns the camera nose around and see if it’s doing any uPnP port forwarding? You could then reboot router and see if the camera does it automatically, if it doesn’t then try the above? I’m geeky I can nose around without a manual.