Eufy scale app adding same outrageous weight multiple times even with no battery

I have loved my eufy scale and have used it during my weight-loss journey of over 125 lb in the last year.

In the last 2 days, it keeps sending a weight of 11883.4 lb hundreds of times during the day to my phone app. I actually took the batteries out of the scale, and it keeps doing it so it’s a program issue.

does anyone have any idea how to fix this? I have no time to delete literally over a thousand erroneous weights a day.

I would recommend emailing anker directly at

They should be able to help resolve your issue.

Best of luck!

I would recommend emailing Eufy lol. The Eufy support email is


Haha, or that

Congrats on your 125lbs loss :+1:

Can you uninstall the app, install the app fresh, login to the app and sync it with the Eufy Smartscale…

Let us know the results