Eufy’s Biggest One-Day Only Sale! | November 19th, Germany Only

Who loves vacuuming? (Cue crickets and tumbleweeds.)

Yeah, that’s what I thought. That’s why you need a RoboVac!

Small enough to fit under furniture, and rid those hard-to-reach places of their dust bunny invaders. Powerful enough to clean impacted dirt where the floor meets the wall. Smart enough to navigate around obstacles, climb carpets, and sense ledges so it doesn’t fall to its doom! RoboVac’s got it all.

You might think owning a robot vacuum is prohibitively expensive, but we’re knocking the price down to under 200€, making RoboVac accessible to more homes than ever before.

This amazing deal lasts for one day only, so don’t miss your chance to take home a new roommate who LOVES cleaning (and doesn’t raid your fridge)!

One-Day-Only Deals!

eufy RoboVac 11S:
Discount: 50€ off
Original Price: 209.99€
Deal Price: 159.99€
Valid on November 19, 2018 Only

eufy RoboVac 30C:
Discount: 100€ off
Original Price: 299.99€
Deal Price: 199.99€
Valid on November 19, 2018 Only


These are some really good deals for our german fans.

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Great deal but I don’t need a vacuum yet

Thank you for thinking of me!!! :kissing_heart:
But I still have such a S11 since 1/2 a year and we call him Willi. :joy:

“Old boy Willi” is at his home now, as he was loosening strength after a hard sunday morning job.

The house needs some cleaning though we were just coming back from vacations.

My mother was always telling me the dust comes from the universe!
May be?

As usual he did the ground floor properly.
So first floor has to be cleaned after he is “fit” again.
(Or should I say “full loaded”…heheh!)

Nice deals

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The offer is really great.
So all “Krauts” :joy: who don’t own such a Willi (my S11’s nickname)
should go for it

I do always take a look at if there questions are showing up relating to EUFY Robovacs.
Sometimes it is really a little bit weird what customers are asking.

BUT the CUSTOMER is the KING! :innocent:

There are never stupid questions, only stupid answers!
This is what I told “my students” when I was teaching. :grin:

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You are welcome my friend :slight_smile:
Glad to see 11S is keeping things clean for you.

Deals valid now! If your friends who need a RoboVac, tell them don’t miss this most lowest price day!

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Awesome deal. I don’t think robotic vacuums are as popular in Europe as the US. Hope this will be a small step forward to introduce this category of products.

Some of my friends have one, but not many, so you are right.

I do a lot of advertising.:grinning:
As I know a lot about the RoboVac I can answer even stupid questions.:joy:

I think it is not only the price which helps to convince the customers.
They like to know a lot about the functionality, durability etc.

[quote=“Avexius, post:10, topic:63619, full:true”]
I don’t think robotic vacuums are as popular in Europe as the US.[/quote]

Us Americans have gotten lazy and want everything automated for us, Europeans are still doing things their ways so they see no reason to change. But here in the US were getting lazier and lazier…pretty soon we will be like this

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Very difficult to say.
If we start a discussion about, it would be very interesting.:joy:

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There will not have deals for RoboVac on the Black Friday. So today is the last chance for German fans gets RoboVac with good price.

Note: We provide 30 days money-back guarantee for any reason. That means you could buy now, and decide later! Take RoboVac Home and Try for 30 Days! If you don’t like it, you can ask for a refund. No Harm!:grin:

So why not take a RoboVac with good budget go home!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: