Eufy (Robovac30C) stops with bright sun light - see videos

Hello, weird thing happening, Eufy (Robovac 30C) stops when there is a contrasted bright sun light. All sensors are clean. I guess he is detecting some kind of fall. See videos below:

Is this a software glitch? Anyone with this issue?



It’s a vampire Eufy :joy:

I’m guessing it has something to do with the sensor - but hopefully someone who has one / has more knowledge than me will be along shortly with a better answer.

Similar was mentioned for the 11C here Very bright light plays with sensors not being able to detect possible drops or the general surface where the light falls…changing routine to a less bright time of the day seems to be the best solution…

Normal! Sensors.
Curtains or Rolleaus (sic) window shade!

David hi, i have the same issue with 11S and if i direct it towards the light ray using the remote control, it stops, bleeps and then signals red :slight_smile: I now see this is a common issue.

All do this!
The sensor detects a change from dark to bright and this could be a stairhead.