Eufy Robovac11 - Collides with Walls Continually on Carpet?

Just canvassing opinion as to whether this is normal. When on carpet, the robovac doesn’t seem to use it’s sensor at all and continually thwacks into the walls. When on a hard floor the sensors work perfectly.

Is this normal ? If not any way of fixing ?

The Robovac 11 (regular edition) is optimized for thin pile carpets and hardwood floors only.

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Ours works fine on both carpet and hard floors. It doesn’t hit anything that often. When it does it’s usually while under the couch and hits a center leg.

Our carpet is about a medium pile I think and it does well. If where any thicker it wouldn’t work.

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I find that when it’s doing the edge cleaning it does that to make sure it stays beside the walls but in normal mode it senses the wall fine.

@Martin_Smith11, sorry for the inconvenience the Robovac caused. Please rest assured that we always stand behind our products. And we are more than glad to help you exchange it if the issue turns out to be with it.

Could you please try the following solutions?

1.Tap a little harder on the bumper to see whether it’s stuck. And if necessary, remove any hair and debris from them. Also, could you please make sure you have removed the plastic film on the bumper?
2. Use a dry cloth to clean the bumper.

Also, kindly advised that the RoboVac detects with infrared ray and very dark-coloured objects/ carpets/floors absorb the ray, so the RoboVac will not be able to recognize them. Could you please put the Robovac in a place surrounding by the furniture in the light colour for a retry?

If the problem persists, could you please contact us via our "" so we can assist you further?

We will glad to help you replace a new unit once we confirmed the issue and your order detail.

We appreciate your time and looking forward your reply!

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Very good customer service from Eufy - looks like the unit is defective and we are going to try a new one. I hope it works as I love the Robovac !

New unit is night and day - uses sensors properly and doesn’t hit the walls / furniture anymore - thank you Anker !

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Glad you got it sorted out. Gotta love their customer service