Eufy Robovac recharging and restarting where it left off

Eufy Robovac got stuck and then ran out of power, I’m guessing trying to get free. I took it home to recharge, but upon starting it, it did not remember where it left off and started all over again. It finished that job fine. My recommendation to developers is make it turn off if it can’t free itself so it doesn’t use up the battery.

I also want to know if there is any trick to keep the vac from starting over again and not picking up where it left off?

What kind of model you are talking about?

What do you mean with “got stuck”?
Stopping when run short of battery?

Or stuck somewhere under a furniture?
How should the robot “free” himself when sticking somewere?

The 11S will NEVER remember were worked the last time.
And I dont believe that the 30 does.