Eufy robovac l70 hybrid replacement battery?

I have a Eufy robovac l70 hybrid with a dead battery, it charges but when you press the clean button it moves 2cm off the charger and then the battery dies.
The touble is I cannot find anywhere that sells replacement battery packs! There are loads for the Robovac 11 and 30 series, what do they expect us to do with a L70 throw a £400 robot in the bin when the battery dies?

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I know there are replacement batteries for the RoboVac 11S.
But if you need a replacement battery for the L70 which may be different to these ones contact the support.

@julian.cottingham have you tried reaching out to or to see if a battery can purchased directly from them?

Is it still under warranty? You might be able to get a replacement for free