Eufy Robovac L70 dies while vacuming

Hi there,

My Robovac currently contains firmware 0.11.30. I am not aware how long ago this version is installed.
It vacuums my ground floor every night at 4:00. This task has been performed fine for a year or so. Every now and then the machine got stuck between objects, but generally it did the job, I asked it to do.

Currently the machine dies while doing the job. First I thought the battery caused it. But I monitored the machine while executing the job and found out the battery is filled at least 60% when the machine dies (middle of an area, no objects blocking the path).
It seems that the software is crashing and after that the machine switches off. The only way to get it started again is manually putting it on the charger. The machine reboots and shows a 60-% filled battery.
After this reboot an old layout is shown in the smartphone app.

I tried resetting the machine, without any luck.
I tries the machine on other (smaller) floors in my house. 3 testrunsit runs fine, 2 times it died on the job.

Anybody else experienced such behavior?
Is there a way to install a new (or older) firmware?
Other tips are very welcome…


How you did that?
Really the best is to disconnect the battery and reconnect it after 30 secs.
Otherwise you should contact the Eufy support.

Is it still under warranty?

I did not remove the battery. I can give that a go.

Formally yes. However, the company I bought it from is bankrupt. I had a really frustrating mail discussion with Eufy. They keep pointing to this company to take their responsibility. Eufy cannot understand the concept that a bankrupt company simply does not exist anymore. This is why I turned to this forum. I hope with tips from the community to get it fixed

Do that please.
My daughter and I swapped the left side brush motor of an 11S.
(our beloved “Old Willy”) and we cleaned the free wheel of the middle brush by removing that plastic cover.

We had fun as usual as we are an unbeatable tinkering team. :joy:

“Old Willy” luckily survived that surgery and he is doing his job now.
His third birthday will be in June.

I disconnected the battery for 10 minutes. After reconnecting the L70 still showed the same behaviour. It ran a few times in a smaller room. I moved it downstairs and let it run. This time the L70 died in action again. Same as before.

Anybody some more ideas? Or better, is there a new firmware underway the might solve this issue?

Thanks in advance

Seems you (we :smiley:) have nearly done everything.
It could be a faulty battery.
Do you have the possibility to check the battery with a battery tester?
But you should contact the support.
May be they have another idea and you could ask about a firmware.

Hi there,
I got a tip from a collegae. Often problems like I encounter (L70 dying on the job) is caused by a faulty temperature sensors. This seems to be a $1,50 component that malfunctions.
Behaiour is like I earlier described. the L70 dies and after restarting it seems to work fine again. This has to do with the temperature component to cool down again.

To be able to investigate this further I need some kind of repair manual.
Things like how to open the device, electronical schema’s, etc. Anybody can help me getting this?

Thanks in advance

Where and why is such a temperature sensor needed is such a Hybrid?
I dont own, but I am always eager to learn about.
Tinkering a lot!

I guess that this is done in several electronical devices. Just to monitor that things don’t get too warm.
The repair manual and/or schematics will show whether the thing is actually present.

I am wondering where these are built in such simple 11S.
Do you know where these are located in the l70?

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Learning new trick I am for devices I do not have yet. Lol

This is excactly what I’m trying to find out from the repair manual and/or electrical schema’s… :sweat_smile:

Yes I remember there is a booklet, but does it show the circuit diagram?

I don’t have such a booklet, please check and let me know

As far I remember its a simple instruction manual.
So I was really wondering you were talking about circuit diagrams.
May be you can get this from the support.
You should give it a try.

I am having the same issue. After running for a while we will find the L70 vac sitting somewhere with no lights and no prior warning it is going to stop. We have to physically put it back on the recharger for it to respond.

It would be nice for Anker/Eufy Company to monitor the forums to offer some type of help or advice.

You should write to the support as they do not monitoring a lot here. :wink:

We, the “gang” here are private users, so we can help if we know how to.

Have you unplugged the battery and put it in after 1 min.
Thats a kind of reset and often helps.

Happy New Year!

Hello, I have a very similar issue with the L70 where it just stops mid clean with no obstacles, no error, no lights, no response to buttons being pressed, and cleaning history does not reflect where I found the unit. This problem only seems to occur on cleans longer than 20 minutes. Only solution is to move unit back to charging station and then it restarts. Did anyone find a solution yet? Removing battery isn’t a great workaround for me as I want to rely on the L70 cleaning not having to babysit it!