Eufy robovac gave up on life after three weeks

The robovac got stuck on a powercord, I took it off the cord. It beeps twice, and does nothing. If I put it back on the charger it will briefly try to clean, but the brushes don’t spin, it gives up and beeps twice. I used to love this thing, now it’s just depressing and more useless than my cat.

I live in Brooklyn, so I got rid of the box. Places are small here. I didn’t expect it to break so easily and soon.

Is there any way to fix this thing?

Hi @Clay_S_Wiedemann , have you checked the troubleshooting section of the manual to see if there are any pointers to help with your issue? Failing that you could email with your issue, any troubleshooting steps taken and your serial for further assistance.

Thanks. The beeping sequence indicates a stuck bumper, but that’s not it. I’ll try support.

Is there a way in the manual to reset the unit? I had an older Roomba or whatever they were called and whenever it got stuck I had to reset the unit, maybe same thing with eufy

Yeah, you can send email to with your issue, my colleague will be happy to help you!:blush: