Eufy Robovac G10 side brush dont stop spinning

My RoboVac G10 is warning me since last friday with the messag S3 - Side brush error.

Today i cleaned it up nicely and it starts cleaning but whatever i do i cant stop sidebrush from spinning unless i shut it down completely.

I m scared if it happens when i m not at home.Is there any solutions for this or is it an known issue?


Try a reset by disconnecting the battery after opening the battery case on the bottom.

I have the same issue with my 11s.

Brush error, after I cleared anything turned it back on, the error persist vacuum won’t run but the brush continues to spin slowly.

Only way to stop the spinning is the main (red switch) or pull the battery. Tried holding the top power button to reset, also tried pulling the battery - still doesn’t fix the issue.

Really a strange problem.
Have you contacted the support, but I suppose they have no other ideas to fix that.