Eufy Robovac G10 just moving in circles

Hello all.
Thanks for reading this post. I bought my G10 a couple months ago. When I start using it in normal mode (not spot) it started to go in circles after it hits the wall or an object. Sometimes it keeps spinning in the same position and I have to manually move it from there, and others it continues the regular cleaning pattern, after some spinnings.
Is it normal? I checked the maintenance and is ok, and the software is updated.

Robovac G10 in circles

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I would try a reset : Plug out and plug in the battery.

Hey @FranciscoMartinez52
The link doesn’t appear to work.
I would try a reset as @Chiquinho suggests and also making sure the bumper bar on the front isn’t sticking in when it hits something.

If a reset doesn’t work contact support, hopefully they can help you