Eufy Robovac Error/Beep

Hi All, just wondered if anyone had any suggestions to fix this beep/error.

My Eufy RoboVac runs for about 20 seconds and then just stops and beeps several times. If I press the button while it’s beeping, it will go off again but stop again and so on

If stripped it down today in case there was anything inside I could see that might be the problem but it was pretty clean. I’ve cleans it all up anyway but still did the same after the clean up.


As you cleaned all properly and removed the battery( reset)
this might a software-problem, as it works!!! for certain while and stops after with those beeps.

Hope the EUFY-technicians can help.

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Cheers @fhassm

It’s been like it for a couple of weeks but could only get around to looking at it yesterday.

The only other thing I could say is. The noise it makes when it’s working. Every say few seconds there is a slight change in the tone for a brief millisecond. Really can’t see what the issue is.

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Noise: Could it be a broken gear wheel?

There was a customer who had a broken gear wheel.
I don’t know if he got a replacement.
But those gear wheels are standards as well.
I don’t think EUFY installed something unusual. :wink:

Recently a customer here showed us to remove the motors
of the wheels.
(He even found a fitting replacement) :grin:

As far I see you are skilled you might do some “deeper” researches!

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Sounds like a gear slip due to wear or missing teeth…take it the RoboVac is out of warranty?

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Yes mate and it’s become kind of invaluable. Well at least for the Mrs. She hates hoovering so this little buddy keeps her very happy.

@Oggyboy If the machine gives out four beeps with a solid red indicator, it means there’s something wrong with the rolling brush. I can see that the body of the rolling brush is clean. Please also confirm if the two ends were tangled with hairs. If not, run the machine without the rolling brush to see if it beeps anymore. If the beeps disappear, the issue can be resolved by placing the rolling brush. Please contact us at with the ticket and PDF/Screenshot of the invoice for this purchase for further assistance. Thank you!

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I think he has done such simple researches.:wink:

As Neil supposed, I think the same.

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To be honest. I have’t tried it without the roller as @AnkerSupport suggested. So I will give that a go.

It was a test sample so I don’t have an order/invoice but a can recall seeing these on amazon to buy.

@fhassm I don’t know why I didn’t try the easy test lol

Maybe a list of errors / beep messages would be good. I’m not sure if this exist already.

I thought you did all, as you were disassembling the robot. :joy:

So go on, more research is needed!

There is a list of the beeps on the bottom. :smile:

@fhassm mine doesn’t have that on the bottom. I thought I’d missed something seriously obvious then hahah

@AnkerSupport I tried it without the brush and it did the same thing. I reset it and tried it without the brush and it did the same thing. Do you have any other thoughts please?

How did you sort it? It happens exactly the same to mine. I also tried without the brush and continues doing the same.

I haven’t found the right solution yet. I’m sick of hoovering already :joy:

did you guys ever figure this out? I am sad to announce that I have joined the 4 beeps constant red light club. i cleaned everything, got a new battery, tried running without the roller brush, and disassembled the eufy completely.

Oh no @James_Davis4

No, I gave up to be honest. It’s so gutting but I’m not spending £200+ on something that has no durability or canny be fixed.

My car has just had a problem and it’s got to have a new fuel additive tank. Peugeot are covering the cost of the tank (£950) I just need to pay labour.

Shame @AnkerOfficial cannot offer us a deal to send us a replacement for 25% cost or something :man_shrugging:t2:

So mine works - at least for the time being. I took the little servo motor out that spins the brush. I took the housing around the belt off and reset the belt on the gears. I also cleaned a few hairs out of this area but not a ton. After that I tested it a few times just holding the housing together while watching the motor spin. It seemed to be working so I put everything back together. It has been running for about 20 minutes now without issue.

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@AnkerSupportcan you suggest what is causing this issue here, and a solution?
I have also got the same problem. My Eufy runs for maybe 60/90 seconds then stops with solid red light and four beeps. I have stripped it down and cleaned it and have tried running it without the brush head as described above but still get the same issue.

I remember i had a similar issue.
Really weird.
I sprayed some contact spray in/on the main switch.
All issues were gone.
But I can not tell you why!
A miracle.

Are there any beeps when you switch on/off the main switch on the bottom?
There were no, I remember, so I used that contact spray.

Oh my goodness, this is an old thread but I really hope it helps someone! The combination of advice and ideas on here got our beloved Robovac (Gus) back working again! He had exactly the issues described above. I sprayed a teeny bit of WD40 oil into the hole for the roller brush bar. That got him going again with the roller removed….but when the roller was put back in he’d stop again. We then noticed the (relatively new!) roller bar was pretty stiff at spinning even when he wasn’t on. We sprayed a bit of WD40 on the moving end of the roller bar (one end is static - the other rotates). This seems to have solved his problem and he’s got a new lease of life!! Hoping similar steps may help another Robovac lover! Gus is 3 now and still going strong :joy: