Eufy Robovac doesn't go home

Does the Eufy Robovac 11+ ever automatically return to its base? My vacuum doesn’t return when it is low on battery or when I use the remote.


Have you tried to place the base near the robot?

I can imagine if the base is really far away from the suffering robot it will not find it .
Searching a lot and not able to find the home it will run short of energy.

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Is it drunk?

I remember as a teen, if I got too drunk , I’d forget where I lived! lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve noticed that mine won’t return low when the battery low (it may just die before it can find its way home. It also just “stops” when its full.

It will return when I tell it to go home by the remote or when the cycle is complete.

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@Amit_Mhaskar1, sorry to hear your Robovac can’t go back to the charging base when in low battery status. Please be assured that we always stand behind our products and we are happy to assist you with an exchange if the problem turns out to be with it.

Could you please help us check the following solutions at first?

  1. Ensure that the RoboVac and the charging base are in the same room, and the base is not on a dark-colored surface or high-pile carpet.
  2. Make sure to install the charging base in a proper location. There are no obstacles within 1m/3ft to the right and left side and 2m/6ft from the front.
  3. Make sure the chargings pins on both the charging base and bottom of the machine are clean.

If the RoboVac often gets stuck at a certain place causing it fails to return, please let us know.

Meanwhile, would you please run a simple test? Put the RoboVac right in front of / facing the charging base within 6 feet away, and press the home button on the remote.

If it cannot return in this way, it is possible a quality issue. We’ve never had this issue before, so please contact us via, and we will help you exchange it once we confirmed the issue and your order detail.

We appreciate your time and looking forward to your reply!

You seriously saying, this robo-vac cannot cope with dark carpet?

So, as long as you have cream coloured carpet, then this vac is.ok, but place in a brown carpet and it won’t work?

That is not good.

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@amangons it’s not just this vacuum but a lot of the robovacs cannot distinguish the dark surface as it sees it as a cliff of sorts or an edge that it’s not suppose to go over. If you searched on google you will find a slew of others with the same issue


Still seems strange to me, it can’t hoover a huge selection of carpets.

If I was into buying g one, I would read up, but as I’m not… lol

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Did not know that. Interesting.

LOL you’re funny :joy::joy::joy:

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It can clean magic carpets only🤣

But only white magic carpets! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::upside_down_face::crazy_face:


May be a certain spell will cause it to clean black magic carpets as well.
We should ask Euvy customer service. :thinking::thinking:

I had a Neato before this one. I can assure you their vacuums do not work that way. I have a half step down from the living room. The floor in the living room is medium brown wood. The landing is lime green. It’s lighter in color, but somehow Neato knows how not to go there. I also have a geometrically patterned throw rug with 2 2" wide black stripes in the middle and a black stripe around the edge. Eofy does not have a problem going over them. If dark colors were a problem, I would think my rug would throw it off. So what you say here seems strange to me, too.

Actually, I just ran a test with the Eufy. It behaved perfectly on the ledge. It looks to me like a little bit of the vacuum goes over the edge and then it quickly retreats. The landing below is lighter color. Maybe it’s shooting out a sensor beam and it takes longer to reflect back when it’s over the edge?

There is only one problem I have seen “Willy” (11S) is getting confused.
Strong sun light areas in otherwise shady rooms.
He is getting afraid of these and avoids to go there. :joy:


to be honest after trying several times robot crawling vacuums, I come to conclusion that old vacuum cleaners doing the job far better, even I you still need to spend a little time on that

I am always suprised when my Robovac remembers his station even if he left the room and cleaned up my mess in the other rooms. Does he use some kind of NFC signal to find the station ?

No, just simple infra red.
So it needs some time when the robot has to find his “home” from another room


Covering the bumper can also prevent eufy from finding home. Found that out by adding cushion to the bumper to stop the loud banging sound

Hope you didn’t glue those “bumpers” on the infrared-detector.
I glued some additive bumpers under and above the sensor.
Looks nice!

Its old Willy’s mobile disco!

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