Eufy RoboVac Deals DE & UK

Here’s a great way to start early and to SAVE on a great holiday gift! Save EUR 60 on RoboVac 30C / £27 on RoboVac 30C; the best part is, in addition to the savings, you’ll have so much more time to do what you want because you won’t have to vacuum anymore!

RoboVac 30C is only 2.85” thin but cleans with 1500Pa suction power. It glides under furniture to clean hard-to-reach places and the bumper has a full suite of sensors, so it avoids bumping into objects all sorts of things laying around the house. And because it has Wi-Fi built in, you can schedule 7 days of cleaning schedules and control it from your smartphone.

DE: RoboVac 30C - eufy

Discount: 20%
Original Price: EUR 299.99
Deal Price: EUR 239.99
Expires On: Nov 9, 2018
Tip: Deal works on Amazon as well

UK: RoboVac 30C - eufy

Discount: 10%
Original Price: £269.99
Deal Price: £242.99
Expires on: Nov 10, 2018


Nice deals for UK :heart_eyes:


Interesting. Here’s my counter offer…


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