Eufy RoboVac bumping into walls?

I just wanted to get a quick survey from anyone who owns a RoboVac 11. I just recently purchased my unit and notice that the vac will bump into walls, table legs, human legs while it’s performing it’s duties. I assumed the vac had ir sensors which prevented collision and the side brushes would reach any critical edges and corners.

Owners - what are your experiences with the vac and it’s collision detection capabilities? Wondering if I got a dud.


I have the iRobot and it bumps it very slightly and backs off, I think it is meant to do that. I think the only time it never really “bumps” into anything is when there is a staircase. It uses the sensor to prevent it from falling down.

I dont know if the bumping that youre talking about is like full speed bump and continues going at nothing.

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Mine only bumps in to skinny things, like chair legs.

Will it bump into your leg if you stand in front of it?

I ask because a friend of mine has a unit as well and it avoids almost all obstacles in front of it; impressive really. I was wondering if mine didn’t quite have the same detection capabilities and will always bump (lightly) into objects

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Usually not. I’d ask for another one.

that’s disappointing. this is already the second unit.


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Don’t have one myself (only read the manual prior) but have you tried cleaning the sensors on the unit? I’ll hazard a guess you have already tried a restart.

You could reach out to with your issue, so they can assist further with troubleshooting and/or make arrangements to replace if they think the unit is faulty.

brand new unit, no scuffs or imperfections prior to use. im speaking with eufy customer support currently about the issue


We are sorry about the problems you’ve been experiencing with our products. If you don’t mind, you can also update the feedback here from my colleagues. So other people who have the same problems can read support measurement. Thanks my friend!:blush:

My wife and I bought one in March when they were on sale. The one we bought seemed to work fine but it navigated through bumping into things. Put your leg in front, it would bump you and adjust. It would bump into EVERYTHING.

We just thought that was how it was supposed to operate.

We bought another one on sale a few months after and this one AVOIDED everything. I mean even our dogs got used to it and knew that though they were on the rug sleeping that Eufy would roll up on them a turn away. It wouldn’t bother their sleep.

So my wife and I figured out that the first one we had bought was actually defective and returned it. Having no experience with how these should work we didn’t know it was broken until we were exposed to one that actually worked as intended.

Anker sent a replacement, they are good about that. THey even took up the cost of UPS there and back which is nice.

Sad thing is the one that arrived also has some faulty collision hardware/software in it. I am trying to figure out if its just some sort of setting that can bet turned on or off like telling it to hug the walls overrides the cliff sensor and turn that setting off sort of thing.

2 duds in a row isn’t a great track record for a company.

But yes. Your Eufy should avoid running into things most time unless it can not. Its actually not a huge deal for us but my wife has mobility issues and arthritis in her ankles. Getting hit by the vacuum actually hurts her.

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Hi @Stephen_G, thanks for letting me know your concerns in the community. I passed your problems with Eufy support team, a customer representative will follow your issue lately. Please check your email box these day, we will try our best to help you.:innocent:

I am having the same issue. I’ve owned it for about 3 weeks now, It actually worked great for about a week, but the last 2 weeks it has been bumping hard into everything. It initially would roll full speed towards something, then slow down and lightly bump or avoid objects altogether. Now, it goes full speed into everything. I’ve cleaned the sensors on the bottom as well as across the front. No scuff marks or visible obstructions. Any help?

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Hi @JGargas, to provide better customer service, would you mind draw an email to, my colleague will help you solve it ASAP!

Sure will. Thanks

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I’ve bought mine last December (2017), and since the beginning it was bumping into everything… My wife and I thought it was how it was supposedly to work (reading here we saw this was not how it should work), after 3 weeks, the bumper error started, and even though I cleaned everything, it continued. I called them and asked my money back, but because we are now living in another country, they are requiring us to pay for the return of the robot. and guess what, it will cost me around US$ 150.00 for that (half of the price of the robot).

What a scam!

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Hi! My Robovac 11 is also full force going into the walls and having no ability to navigate while going forward. It can sometimes turn to avoid an object or animal slightly, but it is not stopping in the least. It is LOUDLY crashing into baseboards doors and more. I will be contacting the company to get answers.

Hi @Khcarlson23,

As a responsible seller, we provide 12 months warranty for our Robovac. If you have any quality issue with our product, please do not hesitate to contact us via "".

We will try the best to help you.

Changed four eufy robovac 11 with amazon …three got same your problem, they bump into walls…very disapointed!

even my last eufy just arrived got the same problem !! Now I 'm very nervous …, must change again with amazon … why do they sell defect item??


unfortunately i got the same problem with the 2nd robovac11 now and just wrote an email to the support.

At the beginning it worked fine but after a few weeks the problems and bumpng started.

I really would like to know the cause of it, firmware failure? hardware defect?

The IR Leds were lighting up at the first robot, did not check it on the new one now.

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