Eufy RoboVac 35C Review & Video

eufy RoboVac 35C User Experience and Video Review

This review can honestly be broken up into a few simple words: Excellent, Powerful, and Affordable.

I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks. Before firing it up I was really excited to see how it compared to my Roomba 650. The Roomba set the bar high for me. However, not only did the RoboVac 35C work great right out of the box, but I truly feel like excels beyond the capabilities, efficiency, and cleaning abilities of the Roomba.

It moves, it sucks, and it looks super cool. I love how quiet it is. You can hear it, but it’s not distracting or loud enough to pay very much attention to. Also, the low profile easily gets under most of the furniture in my home.

When it comes the Wi-Fi aspect of the RoboVac, it’s pretty amazing how quick it responds…when the internet is actually working as it should. When your home internet is not working well and very slow, it responds like you’ll see in the video review. The app and remote are nice to have, but I really don’t use them much at all. Out of all the exciting features this has, the most I actually use are the Alexa capabilities. Specifically, “Alexa, ask RoboVac to clean.”.

The touch controls on the top look very nice and give it a slick, high-tech feel, but you have to be more accurate with where you press, vs. a button. Because of that, I use Alexa more often than not to start the vacuum. When you get the correct Alexa command, it’s just easier.

I’m a bit of neat freak when it comes to cable management. One AWESOME design feature of this is that there is a nook in the back of the docking station to store the extra power cord.

Overall, it’s another great product from Anker that works even better than you’d expect it to. The price tag is also nice for a robotic vacuum when you take into consideration all the features that this vacuum has. It’s listed at $299.99 on both and Amazon.

Below is my video review as well as pictures of the packaging, contents, and the vacuum itself.

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Nice review, and pictures, and video! I like the “Alexa incedent” :joy:

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Great review, video and photos! Great job! :ok_hand:

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This is what I mentioned all the time.

Yes there might be some customers using the vac
by the app and WiFi and/or Alexa, but there is no need.
The only better I see is the possibility to create a more individual schedule when using the app instead of the remote.

And don’t let us forget the difference in prices
of the non-app and the app version.

Your review is perfect.:wink:


Very good review @TheCharneco :clap:

Liked and subbed you on YouTube :ok_hand:


nice review!


Great video review, @TheCharneco!


Great video and written review! The Alexa thing was pretty funny :laughing:


On the next edition of “When Rosie Goes Wild.” :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Excellent Review. :slight_smile:


Really nice review. I have a Roomba and I really like the Eufy you just showed.


Well put together review video!


Great written and video review! :clap:t2::ok_hand:t2:


Thank you all for the kind words! This past week has been a difficult one, so I truly appreciate it!

This vacuum honestly is stellar and does an incredible job. I look forward to all the use I’m going to get out of it. :grin: