Eufy Robovac 30c- only cleaning for ~50mins rather than 100

Hi there,

I got my robovac around 3 weeks ago. I have been happy with it but have noticed that it is only cleaning for about 45mins, then it goes into power saving mode and returns to its hub around 50-60mins in.
It is fully charged overnight and it feels like it’s stopping quite quickly before it has finished the job. I know the adverts say up to 100 mins, and that doesn’t guarantee exactly 100, but I’m currently getting about half of that which doesn’t feel right.

I empty it every day and keep it clean, so any further help would be appreciated. Thanks

What suction level are you using? If you use boost or max setting it will diminish the run time quite a bit

Which program and suction level you are using?

Thanks for your responses

I haven’t changed any settings, I just tell it to auto clean.

I would check your remote or the app, and set it to specify just basic suction, otherwise it ramps to the highest suction and that diminishes vacuuming time