Eufy Robovac 30 glass top shattered

Our Eufy Robovac 30 was sitting on the charger when we heard a pop. Then for the next 5 minutes we heard glass splintering. The entire glass top of the vacuum is shattered and millions of time peices of glass are everywhere. Has anyone else had the glass break?

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Never heard from such an issue.
As far there are no ghosts in your house I suppose and you didnt smash something on the Robo you might ask Eufy how to proceed.

If its under warranty Eufy should replace it. Even without warranty they should be curious to know what happened and should replace without issues.

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@Cory_Blane you should reach out to Eufy Support / and check if the warranty applies,

But Glass Top shattering, is a case they need to investigate, did the battery with RoboVac burst? any foul smell after this happened?


wow thats crazy! Like others have suggested, reach out to support.

Have any pictures of the aftermath?

WOAH! That sounds scary. Share some pics of you have them! The only thing I can think is a faulty battery.

Ooh - sounds nasty! Definitely get some pics and sent them to Eufy! Would hate the thought of shattered glass that my kids may walk around before I see it. I keep my RoboVac in the kitchen and they come down before me.
Fingers crossed Eufy can get to the bottom of this!

Never heard of it breaking before but its possible. Do you know what caused the glass to break? As the others mentioned I would recommend contacting support even if out of warranty. They need to be aware of your issue and how it happened.

I’ve have an older model and it has banged into things and even scraped the bottom metal support structure of our furniture and all it has done is scratch it.

It looks like it started right by the start button, and spiderwebbed out from there. I put in for a warranty replacement. I’ll let you know what they say. You can see the tiny glass shards all over the top of it.

Seems to be a very individual case- :confused:

wow thats crazy!

does it still work without glass? is that necessary part?

The glass is not necessary for vacuuming of course.
It should work without.
So he should keep it after getting a replacement. :wink:

With the glass broken, can the Robovac operate? will it have any clunky / scattering sound of glass pieces within the Robovac when it moves around?

I dont own a Robovac, so this is all imagination how it would work / not work.

If this would happen to my beloved “Willy”, I would remove the rest of the glass and we would tape a funny cover on top.
It is some kind of protection against scratches when creeping under furniture,
nothing more.


thanks for the details @Chiquinho this gives more information

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Any updates OP?

They wanted me to send it back and replace it but in all honesty, it works fine so I just kept it. I couldn’t bear not to have my robovac for a week! lol

Yes, “never change a running system” :smiley: