Eufy Robovac 25C Review

The Eufy Robovac 25C is made of plastic some shiny spots and some matte carbon fiber like surfaces too. It sits a little less than 3” high and about 12” wide. This gives it the ability to fit into small spaces in your home like under tables, chairs, and couches. On the top of the Robovac you get three touch buttons and a WiFi indicator Light. These buttons control some of the functions of the Robovac, like autorun, spot clean, and return to home (charging base). On the bottom in the back you have the collection bin. It is very easy to remove and empty. This is also where you can clean the filter and or replace the filter. The Robovac 25C does come with extra spin brushes and filters.

The Robovac comes equipped with a battery that will last 100 min on the lowest setting, but if you increase the power that gets reduced in half down to 50 min. I’ve found that it does last the advertised time, which is plenty enough time to clean a medium sized room. Once its low it returns to the included charging base where it will take anywhere from 5-6 hours to fully charge back up.

There are a few ways to control the Robovac 25C:
Robovac buttons
Included remote control
Eufyhome App
Google and Alexa

I spoke about the Robovac buttons already so we will talk about the included remote. The remote gives you the ability to control almost all functions of the Robovac. You can set it to auto clean, spot removal, edge clean, you can also control the direction of the Robovac manually, you also have a return to home button and a quick clean button.The remote is really all you need to get started using your Robovac. Now if you want further customization you will need the Eufyhome App. The Eufyhome app gives you the ability to program scheduled times and days you want the Robovac to begin cleaning. Along with scheduling it also lets you do all the same controls as the remote, but with an added find my robot feature. If you use this button you can set off a sound that will signal where you Robot is. The last way to control your Eufy Robovac is to use smart speaker or assistants. Google assistant and Alex can send commands to the Robovac after you complete a simple setup. If you want to take if one further you can use Siri (Siri Shortcuts) to relay messages to Google assistant and command your Robovac that way.

When it comes to cleaning the Robovac has a few modes. The first mode is the Auto mode, in this mode the Robovac will clean until the battery runs low and then return to the charging base. The next mode is spot clean, in this mode it cleans one area in a circular fashion. The edge cleaning mode is just as it sounds, and lastly the quick clean will go for 30 minutes.

Let’s talk about the negatives. The Robovac has a loud beep as feedback and it there is no way to adjust it or turn it off. Another problem I ran into is that you can only schedule one time a day to automatically start cleaning. Lastly, the Robovac 25C does not work with the boundary stripes.

The Robovac does a great job cleaning, especially on hardwood floors. Each night I set it to sweep up after dinner and it leaves the floors clean with no trace of crumbs or anything else. The loudness of the Robovac is also a plus, it is half the decibels of a traditional vacuum. The Robovac is really easy to get started and to use which makes it even more appealing. You don’t have to worry about the Robovac falling off edges either because it has sensors that will turn it around if it senses an edge. Lastly, it does a great job manuvering around objects such as toys and h!umans.

Overall the Eufy Robovac 25C is a great entry level buy if you are looking for something to keep your floors dust, dirt, and crumb free!


Great in depth review of the Eufy Robovac 25C

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