Eufy RoboVac 25C - Review

This is a quick rundown of the Eufy RoboVac 25C. It’s a WiFi connected Robot Vaccum. We have named her, Rosie.

First, the box arrived beat up and damaged, no fault of Eufy, but that was a little sad to see. In the box you can see the home base, Rosie, remote, batteries, cleaning tool, extra side brushes and extra filters.

Two side brushes snap on with a breeze, first you gotta plug in the power adapter to the home base and let that sucker charge for a few hours. Once charged I paired it with my WiFi, which was done in a snap through the Eufy Home app.

So, I’ve been using Rosie for about 5 days now and I think there’s some “learning” going on, it seems to go round and round and a lot of perimeter cleaning. So I think it’s just trying to map out my house. I haven’t even brought it to the 2nd floor yet, I don’t want to confuse the poor slave. Right @Chiquinho?

I have set up the “scheduled” cleanings at 8:00am every day, it’s nice to come home to a fairly clean house and not having to even think of it. We’ll also throw it on every once in awhile when it’s fully charged. It’s fairly quiet, but not quiet enough to run while watching TV or a movie. The dog doesn’t seem scared or anything, which was a welcomed surprise.

Besides the pre-scheduled cleanings, you can control the Vac with the app including the “remote controlled car” type directions. You can also press “play” on the Vac itself or use the handy dandy remote. I don’t see the need for the remote, but I guess it’s nice to have. My favorite way to control Rosie is through the Google Home environment. I have Google Home Mini’s and I can say things like “Okay Google, Tell Rosie to start cleaning”.

I haven’t had the time to follow it and make sure it gets the whole house or test the times that Eufy advertise, I think it has been drinking and just keeps doing the same spots over and over. But again I think it’s learning.

Overall I think that Rosie does a good job cleaning. I’ve noticed a few scraps that have not been picked up by her and I’ve had to just remove them myself, stupid Halloween candy wrapper. But just after 3 days the container was pretty full. So clearly it’s working! The hardwood floors feel nice and even squeak a little. My OCD kills me to see the zig zag cleaning lines on the carpet, but for not having to vacuum, I think I can deal with it.

This RovoVac is super user friendly, it was a breeze to set up, super simple to operate. I would highly recommend a Eufy RoboVac to anyone. I’m not sure on the features of this version compared to others that Eufy offers. But this seems to have everything that I would think you need! Go get one :wink: Please feel free to ask any questions that you might have!




Great review @Quinn_Armstrong
I hope Rosie gives many years of service.
If possible, an update in a few weeks would be great to see if has a more organised cleaning route.

Thank you @paulstevenewing! Will do, looking forward to it getting better. :crossed_fingers: for straight lines! :joy:

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Great review @Quinn_Armstrong. Rosie is the perfect name. :slight_smile:

Nice review!! Nice name Rosie … Reminds me of Rosa :grin::innocent:

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Thanks for your review, love those carpet lines :joy: mine does the same.

A little word of advice, make sure the side brushes dont get too full of hair as they will pop off in the most unexpected places and then you have to go on a hunt to find it. I already lost 2 because of the cat and dog hair getting tangled in it. I found 1 of them, bit have yet to find the other.


Great review and photos. Thanks.

I would end up just driving the robovac all around :joy:. Like a RC car

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Haha, I did that for a few minutes. More fun than I thought!!

Also, the controls are very responsive! Impressed!

Haha, thanks! I miss Rosa. Haven’t spoken to her in years! Hope she’s doing well!

Greetings to Rosie from Willy!
If she has a question he could ask him, he told me! :joy:

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You could train your dog to find the lost brushes! :joy:

Thanks for your nice review and lovely pictures :yum:

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Excellent review and photos @Quinn_Armstrong thanks for sharing!

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She’s very confused, I’m sure she’ll have lots of questions for ol’ wise Willy!

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Old gentleman Willy will be proud to give answers and may be more :rofl: to such a young lady!

Struggling around here at the moment!

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Quick Question –

I am able to use Google Assistant from Home Mini / Zolo Mojo to start / stop the cleaning with “OK Google, ask Astroboy to start cleaning” OR “OK Google, ask Astroboy to stop cleaning”

But when I ask, “OK Google, ask Astroboy to go Home” , Google Assistant does not take it. Does that work for you when you ask Rosie it to go home using google assistant?

If I ask “OK Google, ask Robovac to go Home” , it goes and docks itself.

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Nice and Clean Review :ok_hand: :rofl: Hope to join the club one day !

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Nice review @Quinn_Armstrong. It must help to get out from under that army of flares :laughing:


I’ll check when I get home!

When I got home, Rosie lost her undergarments.

I think her and Willy were up to no good while I was at work…


Ooh I had that happen once, I didn’t have it fully clicked in and similar to your it came out around a table leg