Eufy RoboVac 15C Max wishlist


Here are my suggestions:

  • Ability for RoboVac to remember floor layout
  • Push notifications - RoboVac to notify user when clean cycle has been completed
  • Battery charge update via Alexa. “Robovac has 20% power left”
  • RoboVac currently attracts a lot of dust on the top panel and all sides. Different material perhaps?
  • Improvements needed to the remote control. Remote only works if you point directly at it and sometimes misses it. Could the signal be made stronger?

Many thanks.


Good ideas :+1:

Yes!!! I totally agree with all of these suggestions.

Thank you very much for your suggestions, I will pass them to our technical team :blush:

Welcome to the community !! @scottwyden


@AnkerOfficial can you also let them know that in the EufyHome app on the ‘schedule’ screen it only lets you quickly select two days at most to switch on before having to wait for the ’ successfully saved’ message to vanish. The message appearing shouldn’t stop users from continuing to select more days. I am on the latest version of IOS - iPhone XR

This goes for ALL RoboVacs:

  1. I’d like to see a physical button ON the RoboVac to send it to the charging base. Sometimes, when I have a visitor, and I want it to stop vacuuming, I want to be able to press something ON the RoboVac without having to look for the remote, or the eufyHome app, or asking Google/Alexa.

  2. Something equivalent to Roomba’s Automatic Dirt Disposal. At the very least, a notification telling the user that the Dust Collector is full and needs to be emptied.

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