Eufy Robovac 11c - Constant Beeping on the Charging Dock


I’ve at a Eufy Robovac 11c Pet Edition now for about 18 months. The first year it functioned perfectly, but lately it has started this annoying habit of beeping incessantly whenever it finishes charging. BEEP-BEEP-BEEP [pause] BEEP BEEP BEEP [pause] BEEP… Well, you get the idea. The only way that I’ve been able to maintain my sanity is to simply turn the power off and pull it off of the charging dock. That’s obviously a little inconvenient because I have to manually turn it back on when I want to run it, but the little guy is so handy that he’s worth the trouble. However, I’m wondering if there’s a better solution here. I’ve only had it for about 18 months and during that time I probably ran it maybe once a week so I would think it would have a lot of life left in it.

It occurred to me that the problem could be with the battery. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t run as along as it used to before going back to the dock to recharge. How likely is that? I’ve handy enough with tools that I could replace it without too much trouble. Is it possible to buy a replacement battery? Are there other possibilities for what the problem might be?

What do people think?

Thank you kindly,

It’s possible to achieve a replacement battery.
But you could check the power of battery first.
After 2 years of daily use the battery of my 11S (old Willy :joy:)
is a little bit lower now, but its still OK.
It normally should last for 120 min. (normal suction mode)
Mine lasts now for 110 min.
So there is no need to replace.

You could try a reset of the robot by removing the battery and insert it again.

@Alex_Strittmatter It sounds like there might be something wrong with the battery. Please contact our customer support at for further assistance.

i had this exact same issue, i had mine for a year and a half and by no means its been used daily. but still the battery has deteriorated. im not feeling confident on getting a new battery and not solving the issue though. ive reset the unit to no avail.

I replaced the battery and this completely fixed the problem.

then im convinced. new battery it is then. thanks for the update.

Could be!
Unplug and plug the battery is a kind of reset.
He could test it, if he uses the old one again
(That’s a kind of "engineer’s test) :smiley:

This is the battery I bought:

Note, the connector doesn’t match so you have to save the connector from the old battery and splice it onto the new battery. It’s easy to do with a little bit of electrical tape.

Here is a pretty good video that lays out how to do everything. The battery is located at what’s probably the most inaccessible part of the device.

I have no experience doing electrical work and I was able to replace the battery in about three hours.

Good lord man, you are more patient than me! I’m definitely handy with things like this, but after skimming that three part video and taking your note of this being a three hour repair job, I’m buying a new vacuum that’s easier to repair.

Are you sure there are those easier to “repair”.
They look all the same! :rofl:

Yeah… I’ve had my 11c for probably 2 1/2 years, and pretty happy with the performance. I’ve got three jack russell terriers that shed CONSTANTLY so I have this vacuum set to run in our studio 2x / week. However, the battery is no longer holding a charge and needs to be replaced. Apparently the 11c is the only eufy model I am finding that doesn’t have an easy to access battery compartment, which is a bummer. At this point I think we’re going to look for a replacement vacuum that will have an easier to access battery compartment. I am very handy and fix things around our house all the time but I’d rather not spend three hours taking my vacuum apart just to change out the battery. Any reco’s on an easier to maintain model?

Didnt know that, sorry.
The changing of the battery of the 11S is easy.