Eufy Robovac 11 turns on, beeps, then returns to dock

My Robovac turns on for scheduled cleaning, then turns 180 and reverses back in to the Dock. It’s only just started and I’ve tried resetting it all and reprogramming it. It also does it when you push the start button once. Push it a second time and it works fine. Any ideas?

Really no ideas. :worried:
You should produce a short video and send this to the EUFY support:

And there is a life chat available too.

Thanks, I’ve gotten one but can’t upload it here. I sent it on twitter but I’ll do it on email too. Thanks

No need to upload the video here.

I know a lot about this robot and I am sure you made all
resets which are possible.

So please: email the support and add the video.

The latest clue: Steal robot’s battery and insert it after a while again.
Sometime it helps.
Sounds strange, but that’s computer science! :sunglasses:

Thanks. I’ll give it a go

That didn’t work

@Jri The case is a bit unusual. Does it work normally if you start it and then remove the charging base? Please also contact us at with a video and PDF/Screenshot of the invoice for this purchase for further assistance. Thank you!