Eufy RoboVac 11 Review from me

(This is the review i have done for power user I thought I post it here too to add my bit, after that amazing video from @AnkerOfficial :slight_smile: )

Eufy is a new brand from Anker that is very well known for its power banks and charging cables, this brand is for the home appliances like the new Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb. Eufy Robot Vacuum RoboVac 11 is the star of the brand.

This is our first robotic vacuum cleaner, as i am getting lazier, i thought it would be great to have someone or SOME ROBOT does it for me! How crazy is that, and now it is possible with this Eufy Robot Vacuum RoboVac 11. Opening the box, you can see the circular vacuum itself, and four brushes and a charging stand with charger adaptor. Setup couldn’t be easier, just plug the adapter in and place the charging stand against the floor and place the vacuum cleaner on the charging spot, I didn’t wait long it must have some battery inside already and i decided to try out by just press the switch and the button on top, it immediately back out of the charging stand started working!

The RoboVac was placed in our living room, which is carpeted, along with a thick rug, as well as loads of toys by my son, it has not problem navigate through them and vacuuming both carpet and rug, and it also navigated itself to the dining room/kitchen, which is a vinyl floor, a lot harder than the carpet. The end result is amazing! both of the rooms are so clean and a storage full of dust and different types of particles are collected, and it was very easy to empty the storage container to the dust bin.

I then pressed the home button and it knows its way! navigated back to the charging stand without any problem!


Nice review and pics, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Nice review

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Great review, thanks for sharing!

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It also can be a nice toy for little kids who are trying to chase the Vacuum. Anker had a great video on their Instagram

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Nice review. :slight_smile: How does it do on longer carpets?

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Works well on my rug, that is the longest I have :slight_smile:

:grin:You saw that funny video! I like it so much! Your review also make me feel happy!

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