Eufy RoboVac 11 and Logitech Harmony?

Has anyone been able to teach the Logitech Harmony (I have the Hub) the commands from the RoboVac 11 hub? The Hub doesn’t seem to recognize the commands at all, when I try to fire the remote at it.

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I haven’t tried this with the RoboVac specifically, but I sometimes have trouble with the Harmony recognizing other remotes. I usually end up holding the remote about an inch away from the top of the Harmony hub and pressing the button several times until it registers.

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I have had the same experience. No Robovac 11 device in MyHarmony (though there is Robovac 10, but it doesn’t work on the 11), and the Harmony remote doesn’t recognize commands being sent from the Robovac 11 remote, so I can’t manually program it in either.

It would really be nice if Eufy worked with Logitech to get it loaded. I think many Harmony users would be drawn toward the Robovac if it were integrated…especially because Harmony can then be linked with Google Assistant. Who wouldn’t want a voice controlled robot vacuum??

I wonder if the upcoming 11c will improve on this issue at all…

I DID ADD THE EUFY ROBOVAC 11!! at least the home, auto, and play/pause button. It took like 4-5 tries but it worked. I made sure I was about 3 inches away and blocked direct line of sight from other light sources. Funny thing is it always said it taught it, always took three tries to get the check mark, but then when I tried it the vac did not start. But after 4-5 tries of teaching it it worked. Also another thing that I did, I don’t know if it made a difference, is I did “confirm” the command repeat at 3 times and the button delay at 300ms. These settings seemed to already be the default values but after doing that some commands worked. But, not sure if that was just coincidence.

So it is possible! Good luck to everyone.

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Hi I also have a Eufy Robovac 11+. I dont see a IR pointer on the remote, and I tried installing it on the Harmony Hub, but with no response to the controls. Dose anyone know if this will work?

See previous response.