Eufy Pro 2 - Wifi disconnecting on Android phone but not Apple iPhone

We installed Eufy 2 Pro camera’s outside, did the install - everything easy and great with that.
However, on my Android phone it keeps disconnecting the Wifi. My husbands iPhone it does not do that.
What can I do? Recommendations to fix the issue?

Also, I’m trying to get a livestream setup going.
Will eufy work on Roku TV, or just firestick? Help, please. Although immediate issue is the wifi disconnect problem on my Android smartphone.



You may ask here as well :

Agree with @Chiquinho Should do the eufy app community and try to add some of the info below.

I think that additional info may be needed on the Android dropping wifi. Is that when you are on the app? What are you doing on the android app? What phone do you have? When you say it drops the wifi, does this mean you lose wifi connection for everything or does this mean that the app fails?

Give them info about what kinda of Android phone you are using as well?

Most likely you may have to send info to do a service ticket to have them help you out as well.

Best thing, I could say is see if there is an app update first. If no update or that did not work, I would say delete the app and re-download it.
Verify that the camera does not need to be updated as well.

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Android phones sometimes have a “smart” connection where if the WiFi is slower than cellular then it switches.

On mine it’s settings, WiFi, preferences.

So if so then try changing the intelligent option to off?

I have noticed in my home the iPhone will stick with a weak WiFi when Android switches. I put a WiFi extender in opposite corner of property, same SSID, Android will switch instantly as I move but the iPhone has to get a bad signal before it switches.

Also don’t forget to email support