Eufy PoE CCTV Cameras

I would love to see a Eufy CCTV camera that can be permanently powered over PoE rather than rechargeable only.


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Would be a useful model for some setups :ok_hand:

Route I’m about to go down, decided on dahua starlight system, just need to decide on NVR & actual camera models

Any particular reason why you chose a dahua starlight? i’m considering HikVision colorvu, not looked at dahua yet

They are both good at low light but dahua are slightly more customisable with settings & slightly cheaper
Comparisons I’ve looked at say like for like they are incredibly close at night but due to the available settings dahua can get a slight better image

From the comparisons I’ve seen the darkfighter are also poor in comparison to starlight or colorvu

Although 8mp are available I’ve been informed that the 4mp have the best night image as they use a large sensor so can pickup more light

Hmm they could work great if the price is right